So paranoid!

<p>I got a likely letter from Cornell last week telling me that I'm a finalist for the McMullen Dean's Scholarship, but I am sooooo paranoid that it was just a clerical error. I love Cornell, and I keep picturing myself there and want to start actually planning my next year because I am so enthusiastic, but I keep feeling like next week, after I will have put thought into housing, what I want in my dorm, etc., I'll get a rejection letter and feel terrible.</p>

<p>Has anybody ever gotten a likely/scholarship letter and not gotten into a school? I am so worried, and I really want to just be able to know for sure where I'm going next year.</p>

<p>Thanks for letting me vent, CC!</p>

<p>No, you're not gonna get in. Get ready to flip some burgers.</p>

<p>I hear the acceptance rate for those who receive likely letters is around 50%. good luck!</p>

<p>Anyone get an unlikely letter yet?</p>

<p>I received a conditional acceptance letter to Cornell. The condition being that I stop posting on CC to celebrate Easter.</p>

<p>You will get in. In fact, you're at the top of Engineering's pool -- kudos! It's a high honor to receive the McMullen's or Jacobs' scholarships.</p>

<p>^^^Well actually that's not entirely true. It is still based on financial need so you would be at the top of the engineering pool of students who qualify for financial aid. Congrats still! You are in. That's the point of a likely letter.</p>

<p>I was pretty sure Jacobs/McMullen didn't consider financial need -- they give a $600 book award to those not receiving it, in fact. Cornell Commitment, on the other hand, is all people who applied for aid.</p>

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<p>You are right about the book award. I didn't see that part.</p>