so really, how bad are the transfer dorms?

<p>tell me people, i dont know if i should stay in the dorms/res halls or find an apt off campus.. but keep in mind i am an incoming junior transfer so i would like to meet people and stuff...</p>

<p>without a doubt, live on-campus in the dorms. If you're 21, you'll be instantly popular :-)</p>

<p>But you want to be around other people; the dorms have activities and you'll know 70+ people from your dorm floor right away. Even if most of them are frosh, its nice to be walking around a 20,000+ student school and see familiar faces. And some of them will be turning to you for advice since you're older. </p>

<p>BTW there are no xfer dorms unless they've changed things a lot since I was there; they will place you in the regular dorms, but give you another xfer student as a roomate.</p>

<p>I'd go for the regular dorms and avoid the suites; the point of living on-campus is to meet lots of people, and the regular dorms are more conducive to that.</p>

<p>The real key is to get involved. Odds are you won't want to liv e on campus next year as a senior, so you want to join groups so that you have social continuity next year.</p>