so sad....

<p>The</a> Daily Bruin - Student drowns in campus pool</p>

<p>Prayers go out to his family and friends. So very tragic. :(</p>

<p>Friend of a Friend.</p>

<p>i heard it was because they were drunk and decided to go swimming</p>

<p>I was utterly shocked when I heard about this. I can see the pool from my window in Summit. Its chilling to think that I slept while someone passed away a few yards away from me.</p>

<p>^ ditto that... and i'm usually awake at that hour too :(</p>

<p>The guy had a lot going for him too, really active on campus and was accepted to med school and all.</p>

<p>What was the cause of his death? Was he drinking and then decided to go for a swim?</p>

<p>"According to police, it appears that three people had gained access to the locked facility by climbing a fence and had pulled back a portion of the pool tarp to swim."</p>

<p>"Police said alcohol was involved, but are unsure if it contributed to Ibrahim’s death"</p>

<p>Sorry, but I think impulsive behavior and stupidity was also involved.</p>

<p>as much as i want to sympathize, i have to agree with that</p>

<p>He was the brother of a friend I knew when I was a freshman. Very tragic =(</p>