So switching between schools...

<p>Is there any way to do this and still graduate on time? Let's say I wanted to switch from a Human Phys major in SAR to a Music Comp major (or a performance major, whatever) in CFA. Is there any way to switch like now, or even after first semester?
If not, then by the time you did switch you'd be behind in credits. Could you take enough credits in summer school, or would you be behind? It seems like this would be a major difficulty in switching between any 2 unrelated fields....</p>

<p>usually you can switch into any school or college for another, but CFA is a little more difficult because the school app generally requires a portfolio or audition. I'd call CFA to be sure...if you're able to meet their requirements for admissions you may be able to switch at orientation</p>

<p>My orientation was a month ago lol. But thanks for the advice, I guess it couldn't hurt to call them just to find out.</p>

<p>yea, that'd be the best thing. for what it's worth, i've had friends graduate on time after switching into schools as late as junior year. but CFA is just so different that it could be difficult. good luck!</p>

<p>Exactly what BUBailey said. You need to call them RIGHT now and see what can be done. A portfolio/audition is required and a good portion of the faculty of whatever program you are interested in needs to make time to review your portfolio/audition. Speak especially with any particular faculty member you are in. Most of the time, if a private teacher is very interested, they can lobby to get you into the program, or at least get you an audition. Try to bring/send copies of your work/performance. Other than that, I'm pretty sure that they won't be able to get you into the major this semester, but you may be able to get in next semester. Music majors take a lot of classes, and you will probably need to overload or take summer classes to complete the major.</p>

<p>If you get on it real fast, there's a slim but real chance it might happen this semester, otherwise, take as much music as you can, and apply to transfer between semesters.</p>