So tell me about Sacred Heart!

<p>My S who is a Jr. is interested in the Game Design and Development Major.
I would love to hear from anyone with a knowledge of this, but also about campus life in general too. Hoping to visit the campus soon.</p>

<p>Some of these boards have tons of posts. I find it interesting that nobody has posted anything on Sacred Heart. My son is a junior and my daughter is a sophomore and we took them to visit the campus over spring break. My friend’s niece and nephew both attend Sacred Heart and are happy there. The campus was very nice and there were many updates. On the top of my son’s priority list is good food, which Sacred Heart is lacking right now. It won’t be scratched off the list though, since they are in the process of finishing up the new bookstore building which will also house a new a la carte dining hall that will have many options to choose from. From what I understand, the old dining hall will remain and become the buffet dining hall. My children liked the fact that the classroom sizes are kept small, there are no “TA’s” and the professors are very accessible. They also liked that the campus wasn’t too spread out, so it will be easy to get to and from classes. We’d love to hear from some current students for some first-hand information.</p>

Finished up a NY/CT tour with my daughter at Sacred Heart and she loved it. Lots of kids - no…tons of kids milling about after a football game. And what surprised me was the tailgating parents - it seemed almost southern. We really felt the school spirit here. My daughter loved the modernish campus and the options though the colleges of health professions and educations seemed vast. The kids seemed very friendly. Seems worth digging deeper for sure.