So tried of thinking! Please advise


<p>I had completed my high school and recently took the SAT and not scored much (500 CR 560 M 700 W). I got disappointment because I was hoping for 2300 or more and many student I know in my school had got higher scores; I always scored highest in my test that I had taken. I am going to retake the test in coming few months. I believe that prep classes are stupid and that I need to prove myself that I can do this on my own.</p>

<p>Should I really take an SAT class? Do you all think it would help significantly?
I appreciate any kind of feedback. </p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Teach yourself out of the blue book.
I think you're score is at a point where it will increase dramatically after studying.
If toy don't want to take a prep class, don't plenty of people don't and still go 2100+</p>

<p>Wow that's a pretty high expectation... I took an SAT class and it helped mainly with CR and Writing, but I didn't bother paying attention in Math because my first time I got an 800 on that section.</p>