So we have to rush Nov6

<p>So we have to rush our nov6 sat scores for wharton ED right?</p>

<p>How exactly do we do this? Who else is rushing scores?</p>

<p>ya go to collegeboard and just send scores as u would usually do and then towards the end u have the option of rushing for 24 extra bucks. then its supposed to get there in 2 business days.</p>

<p>wait ...what the hell...i did that right? and then i had the window open for a while before i clicked okay...then i went back and clicked okay..and it went to a enter password site, and then it went back to my scores....</p>

<p>i never got any confirmation or receipt or any ****!! how do i know if they were sent or not?? do you ever usually get a confirmation???</p>

<p>should I do the sendscores thing again? or do u think they already went and i'd just be losing another $31??</p>

<p>when i did it i also got an email confirmation....</p>

<p>kk after how long?</p>

<p>almost immediatly.</p>

<p>Godspeed SAT II scores.... godspeed!</p>

<p>I don't think you did it right. I think you timed out before completing the transaction, which is why you returned to the password screen. You can always call the call the credit card company and ask if the sale was processed.</p>

<p>I did it the old fashion way...using a phone!!!</p>