so we sent in our final reports, how do we knows if we are rescinded?

<p>So we sent in our final grades and reports, did anyone hear anyone got rescinded? is there a way to check for yourselves?</p>

<p>Relax, being rescinded is extremely rare. In fact, in my four years there and on CC, I've never heard of this happening at all. </p>

<p>Unless you went out, got wasted, then hit and killed an old lady and got charged with vehicular homicide or something I doubt you are in any danger of being kicked out.</p>

<p>^ If that happened, I doubt the going out and getting wasted part would have much effect on the rescind situation. Might help to ease the pain (yours, not the old lady's).</p>

<p>well I'm not so sure, drunk driving and killing someone is a lot worse than accidentally running someone over while sober I think. Not that either is a good thing though.</p>