So, what are my chances for getting into UC Berkeley and UCLA?

I’m a student in Canada and I would love to get into either one of those colleges. I took the old SAT and got 2160, was going through some personal issues and really messed up on my subject tests so I am not reporting those. I am in the IB Programme and I got level 6s on the two courses I took my exams on; it’s a little too early to get predicted scores on my other 4 courses, but I’d say I have good chances in getting 6s on them as well. I’d list my GPA, but I actually have no idea how that would work in the Ontario high school grading system. As far as my extracurriculars go, it’s mostly volunteer work–helping out in my community a lot, raising money and awareness for global issues. I have a lot of those, and countless hours at the gym because of the IB Programme’s CAS requirement, but I don’t think the latter will help my chances getting into those universities. I’m considering taking the new SAT and redoing my math and Lit Subject Tests to try and get a better score, but would that be worth it?

I don’t know about being worth it, but some if not most universities are not accepting old SAT scores, so you may have to take the new one.

I’ll check, but I am fairly certain Berkeley is accepting old SAT scores for students applying for the 2017-2018 year. I’m just considering retaking it to better my chances lol

Most schools still accept the old SAT score. As a Canadian, it will be very difficult to get into Berkeley or UCLA no matter what your test scores are.

The cost of those schools is $55K per year. Can your family afford those schools. There is no financial aid for non California residents.

@ap012199 I understand; I think the main thing I got going for me is the fact that I’m in the International Baccalaureate Programme. UC Berkeley’s admission rate for candidates in IB is crazy high so I hope if I do well in it it’ll raise my chances.

@“aunt bea” I can afford it, and I’m looking at the very few scholarship opportunities there are for international students to help me a bit.

I think you should consider retaking the new SAT, or take the ACT. You’ve picked the toughest UC’s to gain entry.
Your scores, as a Canadian resident, have to be better than the average instate applicant.

Scholarships from the UCs are limited in amount, are very competitive, and, at best will cover ~$2k to $3k, so you shouldn’t bank on those. They won’t reduce the huge costs associated to the UCs.

You may want to apply to some of the private California schools that, on the outset look expensive, but may like the diversity of your application as a Canadian resident, and do have private scholarships that make the school affordable.

They can access private funds and private scholarships within their funding sources. California public schools, like the UC’s, have very limited state funds, so they really can’t offer much.

@“aunt bea” I think I’ll take the new SAT in October and aim for a much better score. And I’ll have a look at some private California schools as well! Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: