...so, what are they?

<p>Hispanic Male in New York:</p>

<p>In Junior Year
PSAT: 1080/1600
GPA: 84.99 - increasing every year, expected to be 85+ by end of semester
Kaplan SAT scores: 1800, 1710, 1780 (in order)
SAT: this Saturday
Extra Curriculars are alright - some Varsity sports, some involvement in Hispanic community
In Honors classes and APs:
Honors English - will be AP Lit next year
AP Euro (3), currently in AP US History & Govt</p>

<p>What are my chances of getting into SUNY Binghamton (I'm in State), SUNY Albany, Northeastern, or similar schools? Those three are the ones I am considering the most.</p>

<p>Looks pretty good (at least competitive)</p>

<p>Focus on bringing up the SATs (they look alright now, but bringing them higher will help with merit aid if nothing else), and nailing your AP tests for your junior year.</p>

<p>Without current SAT scores, it's hard to judge. Figure if you score at least 1150(M+CR) on your SATs and push your GPA up to 86, SUNY Albany would be a bit of a stretch, but still a match. Score 1250 on your SATs, and push your GPA up a bit more, and SUNY B falls into the same category, as does Northeastern - bit of a stretch, but still a match.</p>

<p>Do the AP scores really matter? In the class, I'm getting around 85s. The 3 last year was a fluke - I definitely won't get that grade again, at least at this pace.</p>

<p>I really want to go to Binghamton - that's a possibility?</p>

<p>Binghamton is a definite possibility, especially with your strong grades and hooked status, and your chances would be significantly increased with improved performance on the SATs.</p>

<p>Sorry to re-bring this up, but I took a College Board Practice Test, not Kaplan, and got a range of the following: from 1100 to 1240 out of 1600, from 1710 to 1980 total.</p>

<p>If I got an 1100 on the real SAT, what would my chances of SUNY Bing, Albany, and Northeastern be?</p>

<p>ok... so, now what are they?</p>

<p>SAT scores came back:</p>


<p>Chances for SUNY Bing, Albany, and Northeastern?</p>