So what did everyone do today?

<p>Whether accepted or otherwise what was everyone up to today? Particularly after you found out your decision? And did it differ from your everyday routine?</p>

-Freak'd out
-Spanish Final
-Argued about welfare reform with good friend
-Ate at Asian Diner
-Called Friends and Family.
-Freak'd out a bit
-Listened to Tchaikovsky
-Watching Big Bang & Reading Voltaire</p>

<p>Basically a 2nd Birthday for me. Atypical parts being jambajuice and asian diner..and the freaking out part.</p>

<p>Got deferred, so nothing too special. Met with my science fair mentor for the first time, cleaned my room, ate subways.</p>

<p>Said goodbye to boyfriend for break, went to sleep, slept, got up, punted desk shift, forgot to eat, worked on a final paper, realized I’m hungry, bought a cheese danish and milk, now I’m eating a cheese danish and writing a final paper.</p>

<p>I’m not a prospective student, but here’s potentially a glimpse into your future. :p</p>

<p>My day:

[<em>] Woke up 1 1/4 hours earlier than planned
[</em>] Made breakfast for my parents to kill time
[<em>] Played minesweeper
[</em>] Paced around my room
[<em>] Freaked out
[</em>] Called relatives
[<em>] Went to lunch with grandparents
[</em>] Went to neighborhood Christmas party
[li] Currently watching TV[/li][/ul]</p>

<p>Helped my best friend/labmate move out of his apartment from 8:30-3:30
He treated me to lunch
We went to lab
I went to a Christmas cookie swap for my knitting group
I came home to almost no chat in the no-chat thread</p>