So...What did you put in the box?

<p>As most of us are nervously waiting for the result (some are celebrating ED acceptance), why not have some fun and talk about what did you upload as the most appealing picture?
I didn't apply to Rice but I found this question hilarious. I would put the picture "And God Said (Maxwell Equations) and then there was light", if asked to.
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One of my classmates put the electron model.
What did you put?</p>

<p>I actually really regret the picture I chose. I’m super into Scotland and it’s history and everything, so I put a picture of a Scottish castle. However, I only briefly mentioned liking castles in one of my essays, so I’m pretty sure they’re just gonna look at it and think it was just a picture I found that I thought looked pretty.</p>

<p>^ which is just fine :)</p>

<p>Hopefully anything other than something outside the box with a reference to thinking outside, or any kind of rice-based food product.</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”></a>
I put this otter which is super random but it worked!</p>

<p>wheel of time</p>

<p>eyes from Great Gatsby</p>

<p>A photo of me, my grandma and my brother standing around an unusually large jar of pickles. Hopefully it’ll give 'em a laugh.</p>

<p>The hufflepuff motto aka <a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>That box confused me so much. Was it supposed to be meaningful? I think I put a picture of my cat…</p>

<p>I made a periodic table of the elements and drew little pictures of things I enjoy in each box.</p>

<p>What I did put: Superman and Batman chilling at the Superhero Cafe
What I now want to put: Brad Pitt screaming “what’s in the box?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!”</p>

<p>Mine was a pizza. I like pizza. >_></p>

<p>For one of my essays, I wrote about how I enjoy watchmaking so I put this in the box:
<a href=“[/url]”></a></p>

<p>picture of Dolphins Stadium. Represents my home town, loyalty, and love for football.</p>

<p>a picture of the surface of Mars taken by the opportunity rover, and a ray bradbury quote. I talked about being fascinated by space flight in my essay so it seemed like a good choice.</p>

<p>I used a picture of the weakly-worn pages of a Japanese math textbook. I tell myself that I meant more by it than just that I like Japanese and math.</p>

<p>Mine’s overdone, but I really like nature so I drew a landscape with a lake, hills, and sun with all seven colors (the sun being red & orange, the hills being yellow & green, and the lake being blue, indigo, and violet)</p>

<p>I put up a pic of the “Tank Man” I think it was a stupid idea since I’m sure loads of people would use that…</p>

<p>I took a screenshot of my blog and told them what programs I used to design it. Not terribly original.</p>