So What Do You Spluge On?

<p>I splurge on lots of things. I am the “heavy half” that you learn about in marketing!</p>

<p>Running shoes and clothes, jewelry, watches, shoes, makeup, pets, electronics, purses. I’m sure I’m leaving out a bunch. We don’t have new cars, though.</p>

<p>clothes XD</p>


Thank you on behalf of the economy!</p>

<p>My H does it for me. He collects Biblical Archaelogy which pretty much defines “want” not “need.” If you want to compare clay oil lamps from the Canaanite era versus the time of the Maccabees, come visit but call first.</p>

<p>paying3tuitions, if you see a small, pretty girl camped on your doorstep, it’s my D2 and she is harmless.</p>

<p>Aw ZM that is really sweet! We would bring her inside and provide a meal from the ancient cooking vessel, Roman era.</p>

<p>Manicures, pedicures, and massages. Certainly not essential but hey! I’m treating myself.</p>

<p>Housecleaning service - twice a week.</p>

<p>katwkittens: The classics done by penguin designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith…I love the design and the works inside…Art inside art</p>

<p>Me too! :)</p>

<p>Can someone please correct the title of the thread? :eek:</p>

<p>Concerts, lots and lots of concerts. I love live music.</p>



<p>I didn’t even notice, but that absolutely made my day!! :D</p>

<p>and just in case you don’t “get” it… I am laughing so hard I am crying…</p>

<p><a href=“[/url]”>What does spluge mean? spluge Definition. Meaning of spluge.</a></p>

<p>The satellite radio in my truck. I can’t go back to listening to babbling DJs.</p>

<p>^^ I totally forgot that. I am addicted to my satellite radio.</p>

<p>I’ve had someone cleaning my house for 25+ years; so long it’s hardly seems like a splurge anymore. Given I went to a service academy, I cleaned enough toilets in my 4th class (freshman year) to last my entire life. </p>

<p>We also have a yard service that cuts the grass for $30/week. It’s not really a splurge since it would take us 5+ hours to do what they do in 30 minutes w big machines. I would give up the housekeeper before the yard service. </p>

<p>Funny what living in the NYC does to your sense of normalcy compared to other parts of the country. Most of you would gag if you knew what property taxes were on my 4br/3.5ba house.</p>

<p>PS - too funny that it took 29 posts before someone noticed & pointed out the typo. and then what the definition is…glad I didn’t have anything in my mouth when I read that one!</p>

<p>I own two pieces of jewelery, a watch and a wedding ring. They are very nice.</p>

<p>Don’t change the title. It’s too funny. Thanks for teaching us a new word, audiophile and NJres!</p>

<p>I have had a housekeeper since we got married. We came back from our honeymoon and I had to (I guess) clean the house. </p>

<p>…I am probably the only person who had to read the instructions on cleaning products. (one of my daughters had to read the direction from a Stouffers meal. She didn’t know she had to open the box first). We have always had a gardener. </p>

<p>Hairdresser…yes…eating out…we do it a lot…Art work…yes…</p>

<p>Pencils. I pass on the cheap deals for pencils and only buy Ticonderoga. Other brands seem to not sharpen well and I am tired off the lead (graphite?) falling out all too often.</p>

<p>Well then. Oh my. Hmmm.</p>

<p>Shoes. </p>

<p>10 char</p>

<p>tuition and travel</p>