So What Do You Spluge On?

<p>This is the opposite of the "Saving Money" thread. </p>

<p>We spend a ton of money on our cell phones. Still cover our two sons, and three of the four of us have data plans.</p>

<p>We're also about to spend a bunch of money on redoing the kitchen, 'cause I want what I want.</p>

<p>Sometimes I feel a bit schizoid about money. For example, in redoing the kitchen, should I go for the expensive version, 'cause it will last and be more attractive, or should I buy the cheaper one since it won't really be noticed? Someone once told me that she has never been sorry for buying the expensive model.</p>

<p>I buy A LOT of books for my Kindle. Thankfully, they are mostly paid for by gift cards that I receive. I splurge on my commute, which is now $12 per day, we have cable, Internet and two daughters have iPhones.</p>

<p>This past weekend we really splurged. We had bought a cough before the summer because we really needed one and are crazy about it. The matching loveseat, which we didn’t buy, was on sale this weekend and we bought it. I don’t think we have ever splurged in that way before. I usually obsess over every penny.</p>

<p>I splurge on wasting too much time on CC.</p>

<p>I’m wiling to spend money on ‘durable’ things however I only buy options I really need. We have expensive faucets, as you use them every day and cheap ones need replacing. I also buy good appliances including a SubZero fridge, Maytag washer, stainless tub DW, etc. </p>

<p>I don’t see the attraction of designer clothes, so GAP pants and LOFT sweaters are my wardrobe staples. That said, I search out bargains and am quite happy w two new Bloomies cashmere cardigans that I bought on Dec 26 for $54 each.</p>

<p>We also bought a beach house a few years ago that is a big splurge, but furnished it with thrift store & craigs list furniture, as well as extra stuff we had lying around. We did some renovation last year and the bathroom floor was a remanent from the local flooring store, but the vanity was solid wood.</p>

<p>zoosermom–using one of your splurge items to CC :D. Cough I am assuming is couch :D.</p>

<p>I don’t know that I splurge on any one thing. I don’t mind spending more for classic clothes-sweaters, blazers, etc. but won’t put a lot of money into trendy clothing. I will spend money on quality items that are intended for long time use–furniture, kitchen countertops or whatever but I have a hard time spending money on short term use items. DS wanted custom made basketball shoes for intramural basketball. He THINKS he can wear them again next year but he is still growing. They were $170-minimum. Thankfully it was a 6 week turn around time and IM is only 8 weeks :D.</p>

<p>I answered in the other thread so thought would do so for this one as well!!</p>

<p>Peppridge (sp?) Farms brussel cookies
I have little wide feet so a few years ago I figured out wearing a 6 WW was my correct size in Clarks. I have a few and wear them everyday. When they get a hole or fall apart I buy a new pair…on sale of course.
The classics done by penguin designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith…I love the design and the works inside…Art inside art
Asiago cheese bagel at Panera, don’t go often but it is my favorite</p>


<p>nj2011mom–it’s all relative–Gap and LOFT are “designer” clothing to me—but I’m a jeans and sweatshirt kind of person :D.</p>



<p>katwkittens–I guess I splurge on shoes then. I buy Clarks or Born mostly for casual shoes and Munro for dress shoes. They are expensive but I like to be able to walk at the end of the day too :D.</p>

<p>Books. Actual printed ones. I love paper and ink too much to use an e-reader.</p>

<p>I do buy a lot of books although not as much as I used to since the large Borders near my office went out of business last year. I do go to a lot of theatre but I am really selective about what I will see and what I will spend, subscribe to lots of discount theatre membership lists and try to take advantage of their good opportunities… About to splurge on a winter vacation to somewhere warm…and I just splurged on a brand-new Classic Coach bag thanks to Lord & Taylor and extra 25% discount.</p>

<p>Some might think we splurge on books, though I don’t think of it that way. The big splurge in our budget is for serious gourmet dinners. We eat way beyond our normal budget two or three times a year. </p>

<p>I disagree on the faucet question - I don’t think the most expensive faucets are better made than midrange ones, though they are better than the bottom end ones. Kitchens are difficult I think they should have a few items that make you happy every time you are in there, but not everything has to be at the same level. My first kitchen had white formica counters and very plain white cabinets, but I had a backsplash from an Italian tile company that I adored - it made me as happy as the vastly improved layout.</p>

<p>SteveMA - got GAP jeans for $21 before Christmas and LOFT vneck for $15. I only buy clothes on sale! (I work in the NYC investment field, so GAP trousers are quite low end compared to my colleagues!). </p>

<p>I forgot about buying good shoes. Love my 4 pairs of Munros from Nordstroms. I had foot surgery 4 years ago and still have problems, so the only thing from Payless for me is flipflops.</p>

I would rather have a few pairs of shoes that are very comfortable, well made & stylish, than twenty pairs that I have to replace every year.
Same with handbags & outerwear.
I buy organic where it counts, free range , wild, whatever boosts nutritional content & flavor & reduces harm to the earth.
[Meet</a> Real Free-Range Eggs](<a href=“]Meet”></p>

<p>It IS all relative-$54 for a sweater would give me hives, but then, if no one’s guessed yet, I’m cheap-H says it’s because I’m from the state with the motto “Live Free of Cheap”. </p>

<p>As a family we spend a lot on the cell package-3 phones, all with data-but we like them, use them all the time, and having them has saved us in many a predicament (like the time D’s flight was very late, her dad had no idea what flight she was on and had the info an hour away, so I Googled the airline, looked up the flight info from there in the airport parking lot). We also spend too much on our satellite TV service, but we like TV, people have different tastes in shows and we like to watch when we want to. H pays for most of the above-he claims to be a technophobe but he really isn’t. </p>

<p>Personally, I splurge on massage-I go to this cheapo place in the mall where I can get a chair massage and reflexology foot treatment AND a foot bath for less than $50. I try to go twice a month. I have nice clothes but only because I ■■■■■ Goodwill (largest in the US supposedly) and know which brands come from which high-end stores.</p>

<p>I don’t consider paying for shoes that fit well and don’t hurt my feet a splurge. I buy from the outlet stores or discount online places like 6pm but they are shoes that most would still consider expensive. But they keep my feet happy, even if they’re not that attractive.</p>

<p>I guess we splurge on almost everything…(gulp)…Vacations, purses, clothes, jewelry…although I’m not interested in cars, I guess we splurge on those. Medical expenses…yep…although we try and stay in network for our ppo. We have spent a lot of money on doctors’ bill for non covered stuff…because it was needed.</p>

<p>…and china and silver…no crystal (we live in California)</p>

<p>My hair. I have a cut & color ever 7 weeks that costs more than I’d like but I love my stylist & get compliments from everybody but my mom. DH used to pull my hair through the highlighting cap back in the salad days, but I’d prefer not to go back there.</p>

<p>I don’t consider buying my Merrill’s, Dansko’s & Born shoes a “splurge” since I have back & knee issues plus Plantar fasciitis. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper trying to manage it with shoes than spending time & $$$ at the doctors.</p>

<p>REALLY good oil paint. Last purchase 40 ml of Sennelier Ceruleun cost around $39. YIKES
It should last me six months and makes all the difference in the world.</p>

<p>I used to splurge on cross country ski wax. Not lately, though (but I have a very nice collection of racing waxes!). I consider it a splurge right now to order a pizza… but I have been unemployed for a few months.</p>

<p>Fine tea from England and Paris. Life is too short to drink cheap tea. An old friend told me that, and she was right.
As far as everything else is concerned, for me, the whole fun of shopping is finding really good things at a very reduced price. Challenge accepted!</p>