So what happens if you don't get an offer from a BB, MM, or Boutique?

<p>Honestly, I probably would not like Commercial Banking or Wealth Management. Maybe I could be some type of internal guy doing some analysis for an xyz company.</p>

<p>You have a couple of choices:</p>

<p>Take an internship to polish up your resume. While doing this, send out your resume to HR at banks and get on LinkedIn and cold-email bankers to try an network with them. Hopefully this will land you some interviews. Network with alumni at your school that are in finance.</p>

<p>Take a break and go on vacation and come back and then be faced with the same problem when you left.</p>

<p>Did you not get an offer, or is this a hypothetical question?</p>

<p>Peace corp? Intelligence Analyst? Join the military? Live by yourself on a island for year to understand the sound of a pin drop? I seriously hope that you don't assume that your life ends right there and you shouldn't strive to achieve. "internal guy doing some analysis for a xyz company" sounds like an easy way out to me.</p>

<p>Corporate Finance.</p>

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