So what makes UM a top 40 school?

<p>I know that a school in the 30th rankings doesnt differ too much from a school in the 40th rankings in the USNWR.</p>

<p>But for the experience, is UMiami undergrad really on-par with schools like USC, Boston College and other schools in the 30 or so range? How would an undergrad experience be compared to the rest of the 20-40th ranked schools in USNWR or the top private schools in the south/southern east coast like Emory, Georgetown, Tulane, Wake. </p>

<p>I'm asking this because reputation wise, it doesn't seem to add up because historically and from people I've talked to, it seems like its been more of a "football and partying" school.</p>

<p>Fantastic faculty, smart students (high SAT scores and GPAs), and excellent facilities make UM pretty damn good. Besides the business schools of a majority of the universities you listed, none are particularly leaps and bounds better than UM academically. </p>

<p>Football and partying happen at every Division IA school. I do not know where you live or with which clowns you associate, but to suggest that UMiami is simply a party school is unwarranted and without sound reasoning.</p>

<p>UM used to have a reputation of being a blow-off school, and it really was. It was where spoiled kids would go and spend their days at the beach and laying out. Then they got a new president, and things turned around. Now they have great academics, faculty, students, etc., but unfortunately, a lot of people still believe the old rep.</p>

<p>U Miami's big turnaround and climb in rankings is rather recent, so while the quality of the education/experience has recently increased greatly, it's not as quick and easy for the reputation or "word on the street" to catch up. Going by just rankings, U Miami has jumped 29 ranks in 10 years (since Shalala has been president) which says a fair amount about its improvements.</p>