So What's Going on in your part of the country?

I am in news over load about so many areas.

How accurate are news reports? Our group seems to hit all sides of the country. I know it’s anecdotal but I’d love to know.

There are major fires and hurricanes. Of course we hear the worst. Prayers to those in the midst of it.

I read about riots and burnings and depending on news source I’ve no real idea the real effect on daily life for many in those areas.

the fires in our area have nothing to do with riots and we are advised not to go outside due to unhealthy air quality. it is pretty grim with fires, smokey air and covid :frowning:

No much going on in the Pittsburgh area. There were some protests, but I think they were scheduled for a certain number of days and have ended.

Steelers kicking off with Monday Night Football has probably been the lead story for a few days.

My area of PA is in harvesting season. We’re wary about the Spotted Lanternfly arriving. It’s in the next county over, but not yet ours. It’s only a matter of time, then it could decimate many of our fruit growers if they don’t come up with something to battle it.

For now though, aside from Covid cases going up due to people getting tired of the regs, colleges/schools returning, and tourism season (a lot of overlap in those three), all is fairly normal - as normal as it gets with Covid.

There’s been minor stuff at Gettysburg between various protesting groups and those who feel the personal need to step in. No rioting or looting thankfully.

Right now I’m in VA with FIL and things seem pretty normal here too. We just arrived yesterday though and he doesn’t watch much local news - just one of the national news programs.

Oh wait, we did have one WTH moment earlier. H was putting up metal sheeting around FIL’s pecan tree to combat squirrels and a lady walked by. At first it was just pleasantries, then she said she had cancer, was being evicted, and needed $200. Could we help? She’s tried ALL the churches around, etc.

We did not know how to respond with that TBH. I’d like to think if her story were legit, churches would help (they would in PA where we live - many get together to tackle these sorts of things). I’ve seen too many non-legit stories to want to just hand over money and we didn’t bring that much in cash with us anyway. H ended up saying she should probably check with the court system because he thought evictions had been stopped again.

She walked further down the block and seemed to get someone to give her money about three houses down.

I’d still love to know the whole story behind that, but doubt I ever will. What would others have done?

@Creekland - my H is a pastor; the churches where he’s served have a process for requests for assistance. Unfortunately he’s learned to be very wary of most requests. They typically pay the third party directly when they do help - for example, they will pay an outstanding utility bill directly to the utility for the person requesting the assistance.

I’m in NC, and haven’t really ventured past a 15 mile radius (if that) since mid-March. It’s getting slightly cooler here, but still pretty warm. We’re a swing state which means there are tons of political ads.

When I do venture out to the store, I see mask compliance. I take nightly walks in the neighborhood with our dogs. Labor Day weekend I observed some homes that were hosting large groups. I don’t know if they were all family but they were not wearing masks/social distancing in their back yards. We have a lot of kids in our neighborhood and I see groups if them hanging out together frequently with no masks/no social distancing.

Good thread @gouf78 .

Here in Northern Ohio it feels like a nice fall day. To look outside you would say it is cloudy. However the weather is saying this is actually smoke jetstream from the west coast - in Ohio! It’s true it’s NOT clouds - occasionally a cloud will be like under the smoke. Really weird.

I for one do believe the news - what you see is what is happening. Of course there could be more, but it’s not made up!

School and work continue though in alternative ways for many. Mixed in with that I’m starting to see more advocacy on many issues dealing with elections and current climate NOT associated to weather. Yard signs are popping out - I put ours out yesterday.

People seem eager to get pumpkins and such on porches. I like the look but always wait until “official fall” to do that. So maybe weekend after next!

Central Texas here. This time of year we are desperately wanting cooler weather- and except for an occasional day- we don’t get it yet. Schools are trying to figure themselves out and we all miss live music.

Well our Football Team won yesterday. So funny to me but what the heck…just go ahead and call them the Washington Football Team forevermore. Who needs a nickname.
Feeling a bit of fall in the air now.

Northern Suburbs of Atlanta. Lately not too much going on. The outdoor dining is working out well. We are back to playing Trivia once a week as long as we can sit outside. Everyone seems to wear their masks when in stores and such, but not as much outside. Traffic is starting to get bad again, but I dont think too many people are going back to the office Big thing is waiting for schools to return in person as they started off all virtual. As far as live music, the local amphitheater is doing a drive in concerns. Indigo girls is one. you pay for up to 4 people per car.

Here in northern Illinois it is much cooler and the days are shorter — outdoor dining evenings are quickly coming to an end.

In my small world of restaurant owners & restaurant workers, everyone is sick to their stomachs wondering how we will make it.

The worst months are ahead. What a mess. :-/

@Midwest67 has your restaurant had a good summer? I can only imagine the uncertainty ahead.

It seems pretty quiet here in Northern Virginia. I still see a lot of people walking/running/cycling outside which is good. The weather is getting nicer (I’m not a hot weather person) and a lot more critters are being seen! Traffic has picked up but nowhere near what it usually has been.
I’m starting to see some political signs, but not in my neighborhood (HOA say not until 30 days before the election). A few houses are going up for sale, but go under contract within days.

I spend most days at home with a walk around my neighborhood. Once a week shopping trip to our main drag … where I’m noticing more people in distress holding signs and hoping for contributions. Apparently our local PD has been helping some of them connect with social services.

Any protests have been peaceful, according to the news, and no looting/rioting. My BIL in Philadelphia reports a different experience in his area, however.

Where H works, it has been good. Some weeks better than last year. But, the weather has been unusually spectacular here in Chicagoland with very few rainy days.

Where I work, one restaurant is operating at an acceptable loss and the other restaurant is bleeding out. The owners have said they have no intention of closing, but I do not believe them.

I really hate living in fear – something particularly threatening about financial fear. We are as ready as we can be; except for refinancing the house. I’ve been dragging my feet on that one.

Here SE of Phoenix, the weather appears to have turned a corner. We had three unseasonably cool days last week due the front that brought snow to Denver, and this week’s forecast shows daily highs of 100 with lows in the low 70s (which is very cool here). This is not the time of year the heat breaks for good, though, so we’re just enjoying it while we’ve got it.

The housing construction boom that began a few years ago in the SE valley does not seem to be abating. In our community, housing starts are a six-month wait as builders fight for crews. Resale homes go quickly. Many of our seasonal Canadian neighbors are selling their second homes here due to the favorable exchange, though some, who’ve been here for many years, are staying and building up. The biggest excitement, though, is the new Trader Joe’s that is almost ready to open, probably early November. We are so happy as we were used to having a TJ’s within blocks of our old house. Right now, the nearest one is 15 miles away, so we are thrilled to be getting one nearby.

On the virus front, driving around recently, it appears that COVID is over. Retail and grocery lots are full. The kids are in school, and we see few masks as they pile into buses and crowd at the cross streets. I continue to track the data from the AZ Dept. of Health Services to see if this apparent fatigue will result in an upward trend in the next few weeks. Right now, our numbers are dropping. In the three zip codes surrounding us, daily new cases (combined) are fewer than twenty, so I’m hoping this continues.

In our neck of the woods, it’s just endless bad air quality, smoke and ash from the fires. At least today enough sun poked through to make things feel a little less apocalyptic.

I’m in Michigan, where the weather has taken a wonderful fall-like turn. My walks are so pleasant! If only I didn’t have to gaze upon so many signs for the candidate I hope does not win … but that’s what I get for living where I live.

A lot of people complain about the Covid restrictions around here, but I do see the majority wearing masks, distancing and being respectful of others’ choices. This being ‘Merica, we aren’t going to get buy in from everyone, so I am glad I can feel relatively safe when I go out to buy things I need.

Here in NYC suburbs no fires, no riots, the occasional peaceful protest. Everyone wears masks downtown, in the more residential areas and the parks we carry them with us and put them on if we are on the same sidewalk - but mostly people just cross the street. House renovation work is booming - decks, kitchens, HVAC, small additions. I’ve had to tell lots of people I am just too busy to take on new projects.

Kids are playing baseball, the families seem to be sitting in socially distanced clumps, mostly wearing masks. Only some of the kids actually on the field are wearing masks.

One of the local healthy yard chapters organized a huge garden tour last weekend to look at pollinator pathway gardens. It was great - there were so many properties, you could only sample a few - so nothing ended up really crowded. We saw a couple of really spectacular gardens.

School has started - at least in our town remote only for at least another month.

Here in Seattle, we’re still sheltering at home, with air quality in the hazardous range. People I know are going a little stir crazy, and we’re missing the beautiful fall we were anticipating. We’re hearing that the smoke won’t completely clear for close to a week.

Most public schools are operating remotely, and so are the colleges and universities. The University of Washington, on a quarter system, begins classes Sept. 30. A very few classes are scheduled to in person.

So, lots of people staying home for various reasons.

NYC seems to be more alive now. I have been going to few hotel rooftop bars. This past weekend I saw a lot of pretty people in the hotel and at the bar - then I found out it’s the fashion week in NYC. People are really taking advantage of outdoor dining, making NYC look like Italy and Paris. Some restaurants have made outdoor dining area very pretty.

The young people I know (work with) seem to be hanging out with a small group of people they know. They go on weekend trips together and socialize a lot outdoor.