So what's in Yale's future for 2008?

<p>With Princeton and Harvard eliminating all early applications, it seems to me that Yale must give up its SCEA in favor or ED or no early admissions whatsoever. Yale was terribly overstressed during the SCEA period this past fall, supposedly still trying to read applications on notice day. Absent the hiring of many additional readers, how will they poosibly meet the increased time needs if they continue SCEA? Anyone (like us) who can't apply ED for want of financial information before making a decision will need to apply to either a non-binding early school or wait for RD. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. My sons timed their college application years well; oldest had to deal with the first time three part SAT and younger no ED/SCEA!</p>

<p>You can be accepted SCEA and still hold out for financial aid, because you don't need to commit until May 1. The unfairness issue has to do with the number of students from middle and lower income families who don't know how to take advantage of SCEA not with the structure of SCEA itself.</p>