So... where are you guys supposed to be?

<p>In the spirit of getting hyped up for the coming school year, let's post which schools we applied to as our top choices and didn't get into or (in the rare occasion) chose Cal over! </p>

<p>Freshmen and transfers this means you! Cal's a backup school for many Ivy-league/HYPSM hopefuls, so there's got to be at least a couple of you out there who know you should be somewhere else!</p>

<p>I'll start. </p>

<p>Dream schools: University of Chicago, Columbia University
Results: Waitilisted UChicago, rejected outright from Columbia University</p>

<p>But hey! At least good old Cal accepted me! :D</p>

<p>There are only 6 maybe 7 schools in this world I would choose over Cal (hint hint: HYPS Oxbridge and maybe Columbia). </p>

<p>Seeing as I applied to just about none of them, I'm happy to be here.</p>

<p>lol thread</p>

<p>ArrogantBastard is not a very arrogant bastard. </p>

<p>but srsly people i'm not trollin lul</p>

<p>oh you silly freshies and your silly threads :P</p>

<p>Applied to Berklee and got an acceptance to Berkeley instead. :S</p>

<p>^haha..that made my day:)</p>

<p>Lolz, everybody trollin'/hatin' xD
I'll gooooo!
-My 2 dream schools have always been Stanfurd and Cal. Ironic when I think about it now, haha, but I was rejected from Stanfurd, so I'm going to Cal and when I saw the people and the campus at CalSO, I feel in love :D </p>

<p>Also applied: Yale (LOL rejected), Columbia (LOL rejected), Washington University in St. Louis (LOL, waitlisted -> rejected), Colorado University @ Boulder (yay, accepted), University of Oklahoma @ Norman (yay, accepted)</p>

<p>Transfer student...</p>

<p>Accepted: Cal, NYU, USC, Cornell, U Chicago, UCLA
Rejected: Brown</p>

<p>Dream Schools but didn't apply because they are 0% chance for transfers: Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Yale, et al.</p>

<p>Haas was my #1</p>

<p>This is such a silly thread, and I think most of it lies in the phrasing of the question. I'm SUPPOSED to be at Cal. That's where I ended up, right?</p>

<p>I reluctantly accepted my admission to Cal. My only other options were lil ricky's dubs on whips college and I was rejected from oaksterdam university because I don't blaze anymore.</p>

<p>Jokes aside, Berkeley CoE was my #1.</p>

<p>I applied to ucsb,ucd,ucsc... got into all of them but chose cal cuz it was my dream school.</p>


<p>Nah I typed out a response about what I honestly felt, but then I thought better of it. It was 3am.</p>

<p>It's the same pervasive inferiority b.s that can make being anywhere miserable. If you really were SUPPOSED to be there, you would be there, or at the very least you would think positively and do things that will actually help you get there.</p>

<p>UC kids: "ohh I go to UCSD/I, but I'm SUPPOSED to be at Cal/UCLA".
Ivy Leaguers: "ohh I go to UPenn/Dartmouth but I'm SUPPOSED to be at HYP"
Consultants: "ohh I work for Booz Hamilton, but I'm SUPPOSED to be at McKinsey"
Cars: "ohh I drive a Honda, but I'm SUPPOSED to drive a ferrari".</p>

<p>Ad nauseam.</p>

<p>^So true! Someone needed to say it.</p>

<p>Yup, a badly phrased title. ^^I totally agree.</p>

<p>To answer your question,</p>

<p>Dream schools: Stanford, MIT, Berkeley, Caltech (in order)
Accepted: Yale, Cornell, Caltech (and all the UCs =P)
Waitlist: Caltech (accept), MIT (reject)
Rejected: MIT, Stanford, Princeton, UPenn</p>

<p>There are countless (well not countless) people who choose Berkeley over Ivy Leagues because Berkeley's a great school. One of my roommates during CalSO was accepted by Princeton and Yale and is here at Berkeley. At least 10 people from my high school are choosing Berkeley over Cornell (out of a class of 2,000). At least 5 people from my school are choosing Berkeley over Caltech. </p>

<p>Just be happy with your choice, as you are attending one of the best universities in the world =]</p>

<p>I'd say a lot of people choose Berk over Cornell. Other top schools...not as popular.</p>

<p>I'm an HYPSM fail… wait list at H though. :) S killed me and is still, in many ways my dream. (Oh, irony, why must you be so cruel?) then M nearly killed me. (BTW a breakup and HYPSM rejection in the same week suck…)</p>

<p>I'm the end I was also wait listed at 3 of the Claremont's and rejected by Mudd. I was also rejected by CalTech. So that makes 10 privates I didn't get into.</p>

<p>I was ELC for UCD, and UCSB. And I also got into CalPoly SLO. But none of those were really what I wanted. In the end it was between Cal and USC as a Spring admit. (And my dad is USC alum, and I love the team…)</p>

<p>So…. I'm not totally in love with Cal yet, but I'm excited for school. :) I want to get over S and USC. I'm ready too. So, I'm not going to dwell on the others much more.</p>

<p>^s/he broke up with you because you're not ivy stat. just sayin'.</p>

<p>did they send you rejection letters saying it's not you it's them?</p>