So....who has had a covid vaccine?

Just thought I would start a thread so we can see where the vaccinations are going.

My doctor daughter and her hospital employed husband both had their first vaccines yesterday. They are reporting sore arms like the flu shot but no other side effects. Both were in the first wave due to their first responder work.


Two of my nieces had the vaccine already. My SIL would also have had the vaccine already except she recently received a tetanus shot and needs to wait a certain amount of time (I think I heard 10 days?). All 3 are nurses working with Covid patients in hospitals.


I had it today. Feeling fine, slight soreness in arm, less than w/ flu shot


My son had his today. Like @Aimeenut, mild arm soreness similar to a flu shot.

The clinic where I work request Moderna vacccines, for both staff and patients. As far as I know, they have not receive confirmation for their request, but once received, I will be getting one.


According to a calculator in our County, I am behind 455,000 people before I get mine.

I think it will get very interesting in Phase 1b where people with multiple issues get vaccinated. If you only have one issue, such as diabetes, then you fall into Phase 2. Who is going to create the list of people with ‘multiple health issues’ ? Who consolidates that list? Where are these people going to get a vaccine?


My wife and I go today. All critical care units are done. Except for a few rare exceptions side effects really aren’t till the second vaccine injection. We might separate ours by a day or so and not drive to those.


Each state is working out how the vaccines are being distributed. Where I am, this is a coordinated effort. @coralbrook because there is some very strong desire to roll these out, I’m sure California is formulating their plan.

I will agree, it’s easiest to account for health care workers and nursing home residents…who are all in defined places.

Posting on here so it will show up easier for me to keep track of. :sunglasses:

My guy has learned that 3rd and 4th year medical students will be able to get it at his hospital in January. Not sure which one. Pretty much don’t care which one TBH.

H and I are far down the list for PA. Hopefully FIL is high on the list in VA. He doesn’t know yet though.

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My nurse daughter had it Wednesday. Her supervisor allowed her to come in on her day off to get it. It was late in the day when she was told and they weren’t sure when she could be scheduled again. The weather was terrible where she was and Uber rates were sky high. She was debating and her dad and I were like “Are you kidding? Call the Uber minute, we will pay!” She reports a mild headache and exhaustion but so so happy that she got it.


My kid and husband also had to go on their day off, but fortunately their times were after the over foot of snow was cleared from the roads. It’s about a 40 minute drive each way. Well worth it and they allowed a lot of extra time in case roads weren’t clear.


@maya nice to see you! I was searching an old thread yesterday and came across your name and thought “where is maya?!”


I had to take a break for reasons I won’t get into. But was time to check things out.


Family members who live in the midwest got their first shots this week- they are a hospital pharmacist, a nurse, and a first responder/firefighter. I am very glad they are getting them.


I got first dose 3 days ago. I feel very lucky. Very slight sore arm, nothing else.


I’m priority group 1a, level 3. We’re supposed to be in the next 4 weeks after front line workers and nursing home residents and workers, but who knows. Originally we dentists were AFTER the non-hospital pharmacists, but Michigan DPH moved us to the first group of level 3. Might be because our Governor is married to a dentist…though our state dental association did lobby heavily for a higher position.

My receptionist asked my thoughts about the vaccine because she was uncertain if she should get it. My age, health issues, hasn’t been that careful outside the office (I am very strict about all PPE). I said to her there haven’t been any deaths from the vaccine, the possible side effects last maybe 2 days. Covid can kill you, you can get very sick and take a while to recover, plus you may have long- lasting health issues. I’ll take my chances on the vaccine. Her response: guess I really didn’t think of it like that. So, she’s in.


Expecting to get it within the next couple of weeks. I work in a nursing home.


So vaccine was like any flu shot etc. Not really a big deal. They keep you for 15-30 minutes to make sure no adverse effects. That’s it. But the next one is suppose to potentiate the side effects. I will have someone drive me for that one just to make sure. I was scheduled for one hospital but got an email this morning that they were running out so they shifted us who were going after 1:30 pm to their sister campus. Everyone was really in a good mood and glad this was all starting to occur.


I just took that NY times quiz of where I’d stand…towards the bottom AFTER young adults. Why are people our age (over 60), behind young adults?

@conmama maybe because in your area the # of younger people is larger than normal
So it is better to vaccine then the retired people who are staying home??

According to the San Diego County website, I will be in Phase 1C, both by age and presumably high risk medical conditions (diabetes and high blood pressure). I’m guessing that will be sometime in the February-April timeframe. Per a talk last Sunday by a county HHS person, they haven’t worked out the details of who goes in what order after Phase 1A tiers 1 and 2, which is fine.

Hoping that my dentist (Phase 1A Tier 3) will be done before my January appointment. But I know they’ve been uber careful.