So....who has had a covid vaccine?

The 2nd Shingrix shot gave me regional adenopathy, low grade fever, body aches and fatigue. I got none of that with the 2nd Pfizer shot.


I’ve been off CC for a couple of weeks in Hawaii. I have close friends there who are nurses in hospitals or work in Hospice in patient’s homes. One said the hospital OB GYNs are advising women who are early pregnancy or considering pregnancy to not take vaccine. She turned down vaccine and many other nurses in her unit (which, ironically, is maternity unit) did also.

I don’t know enough about whether any trials included pregnant women, and obviously no one has conceived and given birth yet after the vaccine.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for someone who is considering pregnancy but is not actually pregnant to delay trying to become pregnant until after getting the vaccine, in order to reduce the risk of getting COVID-19 while pregnant?

I know a medical professional who declined the vaccine because of worries of future fertility being impacted. I haven’t seen anything in the literature about that but I also haven’t searched too hard.

Pregnancy is a condition in which care and decisions are going to differ from person to person. If there were grave concerns about getting the vaccine for pregnant people overall we would know that and those pregnant would across the board either not be recommended to get it or would be banned from getting it.

This is an area where speculation can cause more harm than good. Each pregnant individual (or considering pregnancy) should focus in on herself and her individual medical situation and consult with her doctor(s).


ACOG (The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) recommends that the vaccine not be withheld from pregnant women.


I received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I was fine outside of extreme exhaustion and moderate arm pain. I literally felt like I was drunk last night. Strange feeling. But it has passed today. And i’m feeling ok.


Obviously we don’t know the whole story yet. But pregnant women are more at risk for adverse effects from Covid. My DIL is 7 months pregnant. When the vaccine was first offered to her (she is in healthcare) her OB/GYN said that his partners had seen some late miscarriages in women who had Covid (blood clotting is definitely a worry). He sent her the official statement from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Then DIL started having some potential problems with the blood flow to the baby and the doctor said that he recommended in her case that she definitely get the vaccine because getting Covid might be a disaster. So she got the vaccine a couple weeks ago. FYI: She now gets doppler ultrasounds every week and the last two the blood flow has returned to normal, so the original scare is over. But I agree it should be on a case by case basis.
As far as infertility goes, this article discusses how the vaccine has been falsely linked to infertility.


It is advised to not get the vaccine if pregnant or considering it.

NOT correct. Both ACOG and the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine do recommend the Covid vaccine. Pregnant women with Covid have a higher risk of needing ICU care than their non pregnant cohorts.

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Agree. Here are ACOG’s recommendations:

And Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine:

My mother just got her first shot today. I made an appt for her in NJ, but they told me to cancel because they were only vaccinating health care workers. But this morning her friends went and they all got their shots, so my mother went this afternoon. She brought her appt confirmation letter and her form. They said she wasn’t on the list, but they assumed it was their error, so they gave her the shot and also made a second appt for her.


My niece and her family are all sick with Covid right now. They got it from their child in daycare. This is despite my niece being 3 days after her SECOND vaccine shot, and my nephew being a week after his first shot. All of their symptoms are relatively light right now. Kind of proves the saying that you don’t get full immunity until at least 14 days post 2nd shot. I’m not sure what this does to the scheduling of the second shot for my niece’s husband.

My college daughter received her first shot of the Moderna vaccine yesterday due to her 1a volunteer work. Her only side effect was a sore arm yesterday, and it’s fine today. A middle aged co-worker of hers received it the same day and had pretty bad chills yesterday but is now fine; he had Covid over the summer.


@taverngirl I am not a medical person, but I am familiar with a situation where a vaccine (or a viral infection) can cause an immune response that leads to thrombocytopenia. (Happened to a family member.) There is a connection between immune system dysfunction and thrombocytopenia. I haven’t looked into it in a long time, but if I recall, it is not well studied.

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My dad! Eighty-four with multiple health issues. His state (Arkansas) changed the rules Monday to allow older folks to get the vaccine. My dad got on the phone and found the vax before I had a time to put him on a list online.


my elderly parents in Maine have not been able to get vaccinated yet. Going slowly here in Massachusetts too but hopefully picking up steam as some larger vaccine sites are in the process of opening up. My immediate family is low risk and we are being told April. Hoping the Johnson and Johnson vaccine comes out and things pick up steam.


San Diego County finally opened a super site vaccine spot where you drive thru to get the shot. They are desperately trying to ramp up to 5,000 a day but the new issue is there is not enough staff to give the shots. So, they are vaccinating veterinarians and asking them to volunteer. They are desperately seeking volunteers to administer the vaccine. I have no idea why they need ‘volunteers’ and are not paying these people!!

Supposedly we have 500,000 people in Tier 1a and 1b, which are eligible now. At the rate they are going in our County it will take them 100 days to get through that first group. This is just depressing☹️

Received my first shot of Moderna vaccine this week, zero side effects. Get the second shot in early February. Hoping my wife can get hers within next week or 2. The area is all caught up with healthcare and first responders. State needs to be quicker letting next groups start getting theirs.


My mom is 80+ and she got her first shot yesterday. She also received Moderna. She said her arm felt a little bit sore over night, and she is fine as of this morning. Her second shot is middle of Feb.
@bmacnj - will be interested in your feedback on side effects.