So who's going?

<p>10x snorky.
i've booked one today, but it is for 12th, because there were no available tickets for 13th. do you think it will be a problem that it is a day earlier?</p>

<p>I'm going! I totally just got off the waitlist. :) :) :)</p>

<p>Major in English lit, minor in Spanish</p>

<p>congrats lina!
c ya there:)</p>

This'll be awesome. :)</p>

<p>Congrats da<em>cute</em>wabbit and lianapark! Been a long time I haven't checked this forum. So you got the merit scholarship news via e-mail or air mail da-cute-wabbit? I'm still waiting :( I'd be thrilled to receive it too</p>

<p>just.a.thought, via e-mail. i've been communicating with the coordinator of international admissions. you may send him an email if you want to ask whether they are considreing you. </p>

<p>as for me, i called them ot april,28th to express my strong desire to attend grinnell and ask if they could revise my finaid offer and they said they we'll see what they can do. the next they they came up with another offer, but it was only slightly better and still did not work for me. so i enrolled at mount holyoke college and a couple of days ago i received an e-mail asking me whether i have sent my deposit. i explained that even with the revised package i could not go and then they sent me another email that i was awarded a merit scholarship, so now their offer is very generous and my parents can afford. i was so thrilled that i wanted to go and hug them:)
i guess persistance does pay off!
good luck to you. i hope everything finishes well for you and we meet at grinnell this fall.:)</p>

<p>thanks wabbit. I wanted to ask you a bit more so I PM you. Congrats again on goin' to Grinnell!</p>