So who's going?

<p>So who on here knows they're going, to the point where all that's left is filling out your application deposit and buying your bumper sticker?</p>

<p>I'm there. I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm planning on double majoring in history and studio art.</p>

<p>Any takers?</p>

<p>Me too. I'm from Indianapolis Indiana. Probably a double major in something like English and Sociology, and hopefully some work in the music department. Holler.</p>

<p>Im from CT and Im totally going. Planning to major in either east asian languages or economics.</p>

<p>well hey that makes 3. That's what...about 1% of the class. Good enough to satisfy my boredom for now.</p>

<p>i'm not sure. grinnell or washu? help me decide</p>

<p>i favored wash u over grinnell til i found out it was going to cost me twice as much to go to wash u as to go to grinnell, in which case, they weren't that much better. The reason i liked wash u more was that it was a bigger class size, just a bigger campus overall, and not smack dab in the middle of no where. But once i've settled on grinnell i'm realizing, maybe the middle of no where isnt even bad, and all the other aspects of the college that i liked stand out even more. the tighter atmosphere, seemsl ike i'm going to get more attention at grinnell, especially in context of the art program. I don't know, grinnell just fits for me right now. Not to mention yet again, go to grinnell = no debt, go to washu = ltos of debt.</p>

<p>i know washu is giving me $0! but, grinnell is giving me less than $5000. (but it is $15000 less to begin with!)</p>

<p>Hi all, does anyone know what are the stronger departments at Grinnell??? I'm considering econ and socio. THanks a lot!!!!!</p>

<p>Hey all. Well, from what I heard from one of the current students, ,the strongest are sciences.. Physics, Chemistry, Bio.. math and econ are also very good, but slightly worse. Don take that for granted though as it's an opinion of only one current Grinnell student I happen to know. </p>

<p>Now have to decide between Colgate and Grinnell. Any suggestions etc.?
thinking about econ major. </p>


<p>Econ's pretty good at Colgate. Have you visited both? The student bodies are really REALLY different. Colgate's is very preppy and beautiful students, usually upper middle class kids from Jersey, Westchester, and Long Island. Grinnell has more socioeconomic diversity, more liberal, more LGTBQ accepting (Colgate cut funding for their LGBTQ program last year).</p>

<p>Well, I'll throw in my two cents. I'm only a junior but my sister is a sophomore there, and I've gone and stayed with her several times. A couple points I'd like to make:<br>
I am from Iowa, but Erin (my sis) is the only person I've ever met there who is from Iowa. Her closest friends are from LA, Mexico, Boulder, and Alaska, but they also get a lot from the Chicago area. Most of the people who go there are from the city and you never really notice the rural area. People pretty much have everything they need on campus so no one ever leaves. Also, besides geographically diverse, it's also very economically and racially diverse.
The school is LOADED. They just built a whole new gym and athletic complex, brand new dorms, and the science building was just built within the last couple years too. All the events are free also (though I'm sure you read that in the pretty brochure).
Even though it's in a rural area, I've always thought the social scene is really good. Of course I seem to have come during a lot of the bigger parties (10/10, Halloween, etc..) A different club or organization sponsors a Harris party pretty much every weekend, which is just like a big party/dance at the Harris building (free beer for those looking to stumble their way through college :) ) and their are lots of dorm parties also. I don't know that there are any frats, if there are they aren't a big part of the social life.
Everyone there loves their profs and loves their classes. The classes are small and I think they have a lot of student/prof interaction. Plus, I think that their advisors are really good, I know they've been helping my sis find a job for this summer.<br>
Anyway, that's the end of my novel, I hope you guys all pick Grinnell, it's a really cool place!</p>

<p>Kristin, will you go there too? FYI, there are no frats.</p>

<p>Well, it's definitely on my list. They offer a small number of really good scholarships to in-state students, so I want to try for that. However, I do feel like I have been in rural Iowa for far to long and I would like to try something new for a while, and also, I want to be an architect and they don't offer that major exclusively (there is a 3-2 program with Wash U that I would look at) So, to answer your question, it's not my top choice, but I will definitely apply there.</p>

<p>hey guys! i am the happiest person in the world right now cause today i received a letter from Grinnell which stated that they award me a merit scholarship. so now i can afford it and will attend:)))))) . soooooo happy! c ya there guys.
btw i am considering double majoring in math and psychology:)
if anyone wants to talk about grinnell i would love to. my e-mail is <a href=""></a></p>

<p>you lucky wabbit! Congratulations.</p>

<p>that's awesome, one of the things that i like a lot about grinnell was all the international students. looking forward to meeting you</p>

<p>hey guys, how will you get there
i mean, since i am coming from faaaaaar over the sea, i think it's best for me to fly to chicago. but don't know what to do from there? are there any buses to grinnell or neighbor towns/cities? is grinnell providing transportation from a certain airport or something?
also i would like to ask you if you are concerned with the in-the -middle-of-nowhere-location of grinnell. i don't know. i think it would be an experience...
waiting forward to c ya all:)
btw my name is iliana and i am from bulgaria</p>

<p>Hey Iliana,</p>

<p>Congratulations on getting the scholarship!</p>

<p>I heard they pick students up from Des Moindes international airport on August 14. You will have to fill some arrival form or smth, telling them when you are arriving. But even if you come to Chicago they might arrange smth for you.. cause they are always so nice etc. :]</p>

<p>I am from Lithuania and was also offered full merit scholarship from Grinnell... Thought a lot about whether to go or not.. Finally decided in favour of Colgate University though. </p>

<p>Good luck at Grinnell ! </p>


<p>10x Shpack:) I fell in love with Colgate too, but they did not accept me. They, however suggested me to try as a transfer after my freshman year so i might give it a go...we'll see.
good luck to you at Colgate. I have some Bulgarian friends there so i guess you'll have nice time together;)</p>

<p>Hi, Iliana. You really should fly into DesMoines. Grinnell runs shuttles back-and-forth to the airport at the beginning of the year. I'm sure they will send you a schedule for the shuttle, but if you want to make your flight reservation earlier, then just send an email to the admissions office.</p>