So, who's going?

<p>Well my son just sent in his deposit and we're thrilled! Who else is going for sure?</p>

<p>My daughter decided to attend this week also. She is excited and a little nervous I think. I called the bookstore and ordered some items that aren't on the website.</p>

<p>Hi simsmom:
I thought about ordering a hoody, but decided it would give us something to do during the June orientation. It looks like he is going to the June 5-6 one. Son is nervous to - although he would never admit it!</p>

<p>My S is close to decision (finally) and seems to be leaning towards Denison. He has received a few calls this week from them and today he had a great conversation with an alum that went very well. He was on the phone for 30 minutes asking all the last minute questions he could think of. I love how thorough he is being in making this decision but it's driving me batty! He narrowed it to 2 colleges that are very different in what they have to offer. One is urban and I think that is what is keeping him from just commiting to Denison. Although he said he had such a great feeling there that he feels he belongs there. Keeping fingers crossed.</p>

<p>Hi sideways:
Funny that your son is giving it so much thought. A couple of weeks ago when I told him I thought he needed to start getting closer to a decision he informed me that "he didn't think he was going to have time to think much about it"!!! Well, he must have found some time because suddenly he wanted me to mail the check in. </p>

<p>I think he is quite relieved to have the decision made. He never was home when any of the student phone calls came, but even if he had been I wonder what he would have asked? I'm very happy with the decision and I'm looking forward to seeing Denison again in June. I think the size of Densison, the personal approach they have had all along, the honors program, and a decent music program will be perfect for him. My only concern is getting him back and forth as we are about 350 miles and he will not have a car. Well, good luck!</p>

<p>Mine has said the same. It is a very busy time for them. Mine is working on senior project as well as directing the school play plus AP's are in a few weeks. A crazy time!
He has 2 fine choices that are strong in his area of study. While the honors program is a bit stronger in the other school the dept he is in leans in a bit of a different way than he thinks he wants. He likes the way the dept is at Denison. He asked a ton of questions about that but also about the campus and campus life. He is trying to compare the 2 the best he can. He received a full tuition scholarship at the other school. He has a trustee scholarship at Denison (which is also great). I agree with you on Denison it's a great school. I know it's tough because of his major he may miss not being at the other school but will benefit from Denison in some important areas. Kinda glad I'm not making the decision.
We also live about 7 hours away. A little longer drive than I liked. Short flight though 50 minutes. Mine will not have a car either. They seem to have a shuttle system to the Newark mall weekly Wal Mart and Target and the big mall area (something Point) in Columbus a couple times a month. That mall has everything (plus a Skyline Chili a favorite of Cincinnati). Well hopefully I will be sending in my deposit soon! Good luck to your son!</p>

<p>Felt the need to say it out loud. Son made final decision and deposit goes in today! Glad that's over!</p>

<p>Congratualtions sideways! Yesterday I took the whole tub of college brochures and put them out for recycling. It felt great. Soon you'll receive a nicely organized notebook from Denison that has everything you need to know. We are going to the June 5-6 orientation and son wants to go on the August backpacking trip. (Is there no end to the money?!) Yesterday he also put the Denison sticker on his (my old) car. I think he is excited.</p>

<p>My son woke up a much happier stress free guy! He bopped down the stairs and said Good Morning from you Deni"son"! He is excited and can't wait to receive more info. He hasn't picked a date for orientation yet. He is going with a group of friends to a beach house the week after graduation so I think he will be going more towards the middle of the month.
I know the money never stops!
A backpacking trip is a perfect way to end the summer. I am sure he will be refreshed and excited for school to begin.
I am just so happy the decision is over I feel like I can begin to get ready for all this. Denison is a great place I know they will have a great time!</p>