SO. Why choose Pace?

<p>Instead of aming for the regular flagships, can anyone tell me what makes Pace a good place to go for college. (I will be dorming)</p>

<li>Difference between Westchester and Manhattan? I live on Long Island, and my perception of the city isn't that great (I most likely went to all the bad parts though...).</li>

<p>That all depends if you want a city, vertical campus experience, or a suburban style campus in a nice area. Pleasantville campus is pretty, with a campus setting, access to NYC without the rat race. Pace NYC is just that -right there, Manhattan is your campus, although there is a little park across the street and they do have 1 or 2 trees in their little courtyard.</p>

<p>how's the academic atmosphere at pace/lubin?</p>

<p>i need input from current and/or past students of pace/lubin please, thanks.</p>

<p>I'm not in lubin, but all of my friends are. From what I hear the entire lubin college is better on the nyc campus, and accounting is the best of pleasantville. Academically you might have a better experience at the nyc campus, but it still is good on pleasantville. PM if you guys have anymore questions.</p>

<p>what are some colleges that students who apply to Pace also apply to?</p>

<p>Graduated from Lubin in 1975... When the two "original" dorms were first built in Westchester and was the first tenant. I think Pace gives you as good as an education compare to any other "better" schools. They did not have a lot of "named" professors, but the business classes they provided were first rated and practicle.</p>

<p>I studied on both campuses(2 years in Pleasantville and one year in Mahattan, total 3 years), I felt more at home in Westchester, nevertheless. Manhattan life was fast paced and it gave me a commuter feeling.</p>

<p>whats the aid like for international students? and which one is the better option?? NY or westchester??</p>

<p>I don't know the situation on international FA today, you must inquire the FA office for it. But in my days, 1972, FA for international student does not exist. I think you should visit the campuses and determind which one is to your liking, NYC and Westchester are two very different environments with distinguished vibe.</p>

<p>I had pretty good financial aid for my freshmen year (thats the hook).
now that sophomore year rolls around- i noticed that they took away some of my financial aid- even though i exceeded scholarship requirements (2.5 gpa min req- 3.25 current gpa). The tuition also went up (from 37 grand to 41 grand) as well and im a commuter student. So... im pretty much screwed this semester.</p>

<p>Honeyxtea - where are you getting your tuition rate from? I am looking at the tuition bill without room and board, (since you say you are a commuter) and it is running 32,656 plus 1,046 in fees. That adds up to 33,702 on my calculator, not 41k. That is still expensive, but state the facts. Why are you so bitter about Pace in your posts?</p>

<p>im getting my tuition rate from my tuition bill. i can post up a picture of my bill if youd like. i am bitter about pace because it has severely let me down. for that much money, i could have gone elsewhere.</p>

<p>Still didn't get the answer I wanted..Does Pace provide aid to international students covering at least full tuition(excluding room and board and other costs..)
Anyone who knows, please answer...</p>

<p>@artloversplus Thanks for the suggestion! I greatly appreciate you but I can't afford to visit the US!</p>

<p>The CEO of Verizon went to Pace?</p>