So...Why Would You Pay?

<p>If you could go to school free, why would you pay? I'm not trying to be hostile - I'm genuinely curious.</p>

<p>some people lived in the state for years...and they just simply want to get out...and depending on the school....the school might have more prestige...these are my reasons</p>

<p>do a cost-benefit analysis</p>

<p>Because I prefer small environments and less people, with small class sizes. Any private college will have a smaller class size than the state flagship. Also, the University of Massachusetts is not a particularly good school.</p>

<p>I think it depends. <em>If</em> my child could go to the state school for free (which she can't) and her other choice was going 80k in debt to go somewhere else, I'd advise her strongly to take the free choice. If, however, the choice was between free and, say, 20k in debt over four years, then I'd have to consider the quality of the education, the lifestyle, the fit, etc.</p>

<p>Because the schools where my D could have gotten free or reduced tuition didn't have the depth in her major that she was looking for.</p>

<p>Where can you go to school for free?</p>

<p>I could have lived at home and gone to the second tier LAC down the street for free because my mom worked there. I passed on that to go to an Ivy even though I had to take out loans and work to help pay for it. Why? Better education, and I hated my hometown.</p>