So You Think You Can Dance

<p>Don't forget to watch and vote for Fordham LC student, Melanie Moore, who is a Top 20 finalist on So You Think You Can Dance!</p>

<p>Search the show's official site and view her profile and performances if you haven't been watching...she is VERY talented! :)</p>

<p>Congrats to Melanie Moore, deserving winner of So You Think You Can Dance!</p>

<p>I saw part of the show, Melanie was great, they all were. She won the whole thing?</p>

<p>Yes and she did amazing in the votes. Out of 4 people, she won 43% of the votes which is in my opinion, awesome.</p>

<p>I don't watch the show, but that is great....although with this new-found fame, I'm wondering if Melanie Moore is now a former Fordham student!</p>

<p>^^^She definitely can't come back Fall semester bc of the SYTYCD tour but she said she wants to go back to school for dance now...she was an Art major before...and Fordham does have a great dance program. But yes, she's got fame and several offers already not to mention the $250k prize, so she's certainly got options!</p>

<p>Fordham has been well represented on this show...a winner and a runner up within the last few years! :)</p>