So You Think You Can Dance

<p>Anyone else on CC watch SYTYCD? Or is everyone too busy being studious to watch TV shows? :)</p>

<p>Me!! I like this show. My favorite for this season is Nathan. He's cute.</p>

<p>^ Are you talking about season 6?? I'm not aware of a Nathan in season 7 yet... but either way, Nathan was super beautiful and amazing in the beginning of season 6, and then he just got worse (and uglier) with each episode :(</p>

<p>I do! I love the show as well!
^I agree about Nathan - he was SO GOOD at first, but didn't live up to his potential. plus they made him and molly the "young couple" which kinda frustrated me.
I'm loving this season...I really liked the kid from some weird town in Ohio! He was really good! I'm also glad Billy is back!</p>

<p>^ YESSSS, KENT BOYD! I love, love, LOVE him!
I really don't like the format this time though... with the all stars...</p>

<p>Wow I totally didn't realize that - I fastforward through a lot of the talking at the beginning and I guess I missed that important piece of info!
That's so weird...I feel like they should give more new people a chance - that's what this show is all about! Urgh oh well at least I do like some of the people coming back.</p>

<p>Yeah, and they're going to be changing partners every episode, so there won't be any of that getting to know your partner stuff. Haha, and I think it's bad because the returning people will get to dance in their own genre, you know? So then the actual contestant will probably just get compared to them, and of course they're going to be worse...</p>