<p>I am staying in Lucky for SOAR. Can anyone tell me what happens on the first evening/night?
Do we stay together? How late do we stay out (as a group)?</p>

<p>Interesting choice for a place to stay. How did you find it? Check your SOAR information for formal SOAR events. There is probably a students only party lasting the entire evening during SOAR. Nothing planned the night before although many will get to town then, especially for those needing to take morning placement exams before the afternoon SOAR session start. UW offers rooms in the Res Halls dorm Liz Waters, never heard of Lucky being used and it didn't come up on the UW SOAR site- that's a private dorm. Did you choose this because you have signed up to live in Lucky next fall?</p>

<p>yes... I am staying in those campus connect dorms.. regent.</p>

<p>Contact the site you signed up with directly for any of their private offerings.</p>