SoC Begins Changes

<p>It’s taken a few more years than they had hoped but things are changing for the MT program at NU. The transformation from a Certificate Program to a Major is starting with earlier auditions/entry into the program, two more terms of private voice lessons (I think), and some extra seminars for Seniors. If you’re thinking of applying to NU for their MT program be certain to speak with administration or professors from the program to see what the future will bring.</p>

<p>What do you, in your opinion, think this will do competition wise? Will it allow more people into theatre because of having both theatre and musical theatre programs? Or do you believe it will only increase competition?</p>

<p>And what is your source? If you don't mind sharing?</p>

<p>SpencOS - I have no idea what that will mean in terms of competition. The administration has begun informing the current students of the changes, that is my source.</p>

<p>hmmm.... I am very excited about this. Thank you for the info!</p>

<p>Amtc may have some direct information from NU administration, and D has heard similar things from NU faculty, but in reading through the information our D has received so far I didn't notice any formal written statement of intent to switch from an MT Certificate to an MT Major. Not saying that's not the plan, but only that it hasn't been formally stated yet.</p>

<p>D is pleased with all the upcoming changes announced so far, though, and in her case it makes no difference whether NU offers a BA with Certificate versus a BA or BFA in MT since she is getting the balance of MT training and rigorous academics that she wants.</p>

<p>It's also worth noting that at least some NU students (including D) were already getting private MT voice lessons every quarter all 4 years, but some quarters they pay a small extra fee for non-music-major lessons, and I gather that this will still be true.</p>

<p>Perhaps the most significant change for this year's incoming freshmen is that MT auditions will be held this Fall versus in the Spring quarter.</p>

<p>Good luck to all who are on the brink of moving to Evanston!!</p>

<p>MomCares - I'm sorry if I was unclear. Yes, a student can have private voice lessons Freshman year if they pay for them and if there are voice teachers available for them. Most students who want private voice lessons seem to finagle private voice lessons during their Freshman year. In the past, once they are admitted into the MT Certificate program they received two years of voice lessons included with their regular school tuition. If they are admitted during their Freshman year then the third year (Senior year) requires extra payment for lessons again. That is how it has been until the upcoming year.</p>

<p>The new program has students auditioning in the end of the fall term and receiving "free" voice lessons for the remaining two terms of Freshman year as well as Sophomore and Junior years, I believe. Currently Senior year has not been changed, there is an extra charge for private voice lessons. Don't know if or when that will be changed. I hope I've been more clear this time.</p>

<p>Just wondering if anyone had more info on the changes! Am very interested in NU! :)</p>

<p>By all accounts I've heard, the switch to earlier MT auditions went smoothly this year. </p>

<p>I think they admitted 28 freshmen (instead of holding a second set of auditions sophomore year) -- 12 Theatre females and 10 males plus 6 Vocal Performance majors.</p>

<p>The kids I know there have said the changes all seem great so far, including the addition of more ballet sections for MT/Theatre kids. D LOVES her acting professor and had an amazing MT Directing class this quarter, plus she did a Master Class with Natalie Weiss that she loved.</p>

<p>Hope some other NU families chime in as well (there is a very active FB group of NU MT/Theatre families where more people hang out).</p>

<p>D is over the moon about being one of the 12 Freshman Theater girls admitted into MT Certificate program. She said something like 92 or 96 auditioned (assume that is theater and vocal performance majors combined). There will be a meeting after they return from the break to learn more about the program. She is also signed up for a winter quarter vocal class that the new admits need to take before the end of this year. Based on what she has said, this is all we (mom and dad) know for sure right now. No doubt she will learn more in January. Right now she is just thrilled about her entire NU Theater experience this past quarter and knows that choosing NU's BA over her BFA options was the absolute right decision for herself. We couldn't be more delighted or relieved :).</p>

<p>TeaTime2, congrats to your D on being one of the 12. I was wondering if you would be willing to share which BFAs your D turned down to go to NU. My son will be applying to NU regular decision. He already has 2 BFA acceptances and still has many more auditions. If he manages to get into NU, I can see it being a tough decision. How did your D make the choice?</p>

<p>Hello PelkyAgain - my D's decision was based on opportunities available to her at NU that she did not find collectively at any other university or MT BFA program. </p>

<p>NU offered the best of everything in what was important to her... A smaller university with strong and challeging academics, a top notch and respected SoC Theater program, the ability and encourgement to explore and double major or minor in other areas of interest (even outside of the arts), flexibility in what classes she wanted to take and when, a MT certificate program :), internship program opportunities in and around Chicago, and access to Chicago's performing arts and cultural center. </p>

<p>She wanted smaller class sizes in academics and a great faculty to student ratio. She preferred the quarter system as well. She was also drawn to a BA program where she would have the option to pursue a Masters or MFA in the future. Our understanding is that a MT BFA is a terminal degree, and if at some point she wanted to pursue an unrelated degree or advanced degree, she would pretty much have to start at the beginning again.</p>

<p>Again, these were issues important and specific to my D. She absolutely loves to perform on stage and to be part of musical theater productions, but she also wanted to be exposed to and delve into other areas in academics and the arts which is possible, and again encouraged, at NU.</p>

<p>MT BFA programs are great, especially for those who are MT Broadway driven and know that is exactly what they want to pursue. Excellent universities and conservatories offer highly structured and specific BFA curriculum tracks with the goal to get their students working professionally in MT all around the country, if not on Broadway, right after graduation. For many, the MT BFA fits their aspirations perfectly.</p>

<p>How wonderful that your S has two acceptances already. He is obviously very talented and will have a variety of offers to consider. Have faith that come April (if not sooner) he will have all the information he needs to make his best college and program choice. </p>

<p>I hope this helps at least a little. I wish for you and your S the very best over the next several months.</p>