Soccer course at Pitzer

<p>Very cool department - this morning while watching the BBC Sunday morning news here in England, they did a segment on a course taught at an "elite college in California" about the history and politics of soccer. Hmm, I wondered which college they were referring to. Next thing I know they're showing the Grove House on Pitzer and interviewing Profs. Nigel Boyle and Andre Wakefield. At least a few million people in the UK have now heard of Pitzer!</p>

<p>I was browsing around and a friend of mine sent me the video link. For those who are interested, check the video out:</p>

<p>BBC</a> News - Soccer studies attract US students</p>

<p>It is good to know that the building the class was held in, and the field that much of the piece is shot on, are at Claremont McKenna. Just minor details, enjoy the piece. </p>

<p>Thanks sarsfield for mentioning it!</p>