Social Aspect

<p>I already sent in my app EA, but I realized I didn't portray anything "social" on my application. I talk about my activities, experiences - basically everything about me, but I never really tie in how I interact with other people. I'm worried Stanford might think that I'm antisocial and therefore not beneficial to its community. Are we supposed to talk about how we spend time with friends when we aren't doing ECs and hobbies?</p>

<p>There just didn't seem to be anywhere on the application to include that kind of information, except in the roommate essay (I talked about a personal experience) or what we did in the previous summers (I talked about the places I went and the things I learned, not the time I spent relaxing with friends). I know Stanford wants a well-rounded person, but do they rank sociability, and if so, how? Is it important that our recs talk about that?</p>

<p>lol c'mon calm down....there's nothing u can do about it..and i think the "social" aspect can be extracted from your recommendations</p>

<p>you cant do anything about it know, and i know you will probably still worry, but there is no need to, because you cant change it!</p>

<p>well... from what i've heard from stanford they aren't looking for well rounded so much as "well lop-sided" students</p>