social climate

<p>My daughter was accepted to Furman. We are from California and I am wondering how she would fit in. She is conservative and has high moral standards and values, but has not had a formal religious background. Is there a strong religious climate at the school? She is attracted to the friendly reputation and the "old fashioned" social activities that Furman offers. We visited over the summer but the campus was empty of students. She is attending one of the accepted student days in April.</p>

<p>My 2 Ds go to FU. One leans conservative the other leans to the left. They are both very happy at FU. The school does not push any religiuos things on the students. The president is very modern. We have never felt that FU is a religious school. It feels like a very warm and caring place for students. There's something for everyone. All the students we know are very happy. Your daughter will love FU. Your biggest problem will be getting her to come home from time to time</p>

<p>My daughter attends Furman. We are from the midwest. Furman is located in the Bible Belt, and many students are quite religious. We are religious, but in a more liberal way than many of the students at Furman. There is a very strong conservative Christian presence, but it doesn't mean that those who do not share their views are not welcome. There are plenty of people of various religious persuasions. Most students do seem to go to church on Sundays, but no one seems to care where ... D has done a bit of church shopping, and she & a friend have settled on services at a church that is not in our denomination. I don't think a lack of formal religion will be an issue at all. Your description of your D makes it sound like she will fit in just fine.</p>