Social Fee Card

<p>The recent newsletter contains this blurb:</p>

<p>~Social fee cards are a one time paid card that will allow you to rent any games, pool equipment, or cleaning supplies from the front desk.</p>

<p>What exactly does 'cleaning supplies' encompass? Is it just tools such as mops, brooms, brushes, etc. or does it also include cleaning chemicals?</p>

<p>It is a dorm "fee" that is OPTIONAL. But it is well worth the money. You can check out hand-trucks (although if you plan to move in on the first day right at check in there are not enough for everyone), cleaning tools like brooms, brushes and mops, a vacuum cleaner, games, pool and ping-pong items. I am not aware there are cleaning chemicals for use, for many obvious reasons. Even in suite-style dorms they give out free toilet paper, you just have to ask. The fee is $10 a year. It helps pay for the stuff you check out. There are also some social events where there is food. </p>

<p>You get the card at the dorm office when you check in.</p>


<p>By chemicals I meant things like glass cleaner, multi-purpose cleaners, etc., not hydrochloric acid. :)</p>

<p>Just use your roommate's.</p>

<p>Problem is, they are still considered chemicals, and for that reason, and because they are consumable goods, they art not covered by the fee. There are on-campus stores that sell cleaning supplies and you can use FSU cash to pay for them. At the trading post you can even use garnet bucks and flexbucks.</p>

<p>The fee to my knowledge does not cover those items, for many reasons. </p>

<p>However, it's well worth the $10, in my opinion. If your child wants to go to any social event put on by their dorm, they really should pay the $10, as that money helps the leaders of the dorm (RAs, hall coordinators) put on events and everything, which can be worth the $10 many times over if you go to any of the events.</p>