Social Housing

<p>Nothing beats the dorm life when it comes to social housing, but I am transfer so I am looking for the next best thing.</p>

<p>Any recommendations? I need to submit my housing application asap. :frowning: So far I’ve got,</p>

<li>cardinal gardens</li>

<p>thanks in advance peeps!</p>

<p>Forget dorm life man. You'll just be befriending all underclassmen, have to deal with RA's, quiet hours and other ********. Get an apartment, rush a fraternity. You'll thank me later :D</p>

<p>I totally agree bro, I feel too old for waking up to freshman passed out on the bathroom floor with vomit all over them.</p>

<p>Any idea on what are the more popular apartments to apply for? Im shootin with a blindfold on since I've never checked out the housing there.</p>

<p>Those apartments are for upperclassmen, so you won't see freshmen at all.</p>

<p>All the ones you listed are for upperclassmen, mainly sophomores. I'd suggest Troy East for your last spot, though not sure if any of those places will have open spots</p>

<p>you should go for either century or cardinal gardens.</p>

<p>Troy and Troy East are packed solid. Cardinal and Century are good choices, and very close to campus. Don't know about Weber.</p>

<p>He meant Webb. There is no Webber building. A great building but incredibly popular and probably full.</p>