social life at case

<p>from everything ive heard, case western is a very study oriented school. I dont have a problem with working hard at college but i dont want to be studying 24/7. I was wondering if any current Case students could tell me about the social life there.</p>

<p>My friends and I have a lot of fun. We always find something to do- chillin at friends' suites/apartments/houses, going downtown, concerts, movies, food at odd hours, rock band, we watch tv series together, house parties etc;. People who are unhappy or anti social go on these boards to complain about Case, but you get what you put in. I met a ton of people freshmen year and we had so much fun. Be social, be outgoing, consider going Greek and there's plenty to do. Yes, there are people holed up studying, but that may because they think grades are everything. I care about my grades, I do the work and still have plenty of free time. I have never had to turn down a social event to do work. If you have to study 24/7, than you picked the wrong major. People are pretty career minded here, which is nice because everyone's fairly mature and motivated, but sometimes people are a little hesitant to just kick back. Even if some people are studying, there are always people looking to chill. Meet as many people as you can, always hit people up if you're looking to get into something, and just go with it. Welcome days or whatever they are called are great ways to meet people. Branch out and be social, join clubs you're interested in and just take it all in. To put it in perspective, I was able to go out with friends during finals week and still aced all my finals. Don't put things off and the work load isn't that bad. When you get here if you play a sport you'll get into sports teams parties, otherwise you tend to check out unofficial frat parties- club delt is big for freshmen, zbt has a bunch of stuff, pretty much everyone that lives off campus has people over. Def. try to meet upperclassmen and ask around about parties. There are a lot of cool people that hang in the designated smoking area. Freshmen year we partied in the dorms once or twice a week. You get what you put in. Put in the effort and it works out, but don't expect to just sit in your room and have people come knocking on your door with fliers for parties. It's not a "party school" but a lot of people like to party. Also, join the 2014 facebook group and get to know people there. Do things you're interested in, and you'll find a lot of like minded people. There is a vibrant social life you just need to work a little bit to get into the loop.</p>