Social life at Midd

I am currently deciding between several NESCAC schools, but would like to learn a bit more about the social scene at Midd. Is there a general athlete-non-athlete social divide? Who hosts the on-campus parties traditionally and what is their usual vibe? How often do students go out? Thanks for any help!

Hey! I’m a current freshmen at Midd! Social life at Midd is great with so many options! There are always tons of performances going on (jazz concerts, dance performances, a cappella, sports games, etc.). People also just like hanging out in the dorms playing music, baking cookies, or watching movies. My CRA (commons residential advisor - recent grads who live in freshmen dorms) always has his door open on weekends. Everyone in the dorm comes and goes throughout the evening, chilling out and eating snacks. You can also go out in town to the many restaurants, art galleries, town theater, etc.

As far as party scene, it is very balanced. There are some people who party a lot, drink every weekend, will smoke weed on occasion without interfering/bothering everyone else, so you can definitely partake if you want. A lot of students will go out to parties on occasion a couple times a month, and others will hang out with their friends doing some of things I mentioned above! Parties are basically hosted by 4 different groups. The Atwater suites have crazy famous parties (mostly hosted by upperclassmen, notoriously loud and crazy). Then, people will have small parties/gatherings in their rooms - very low key, casual drinking, or no drinking if you want. Clubs will also host parties. Finally, there are social houses (chromatic, tavern) that host parties (and serve beer for upperclassmen). These are super fun! It’s great because the houses aren’t like sororities so everyone can participate. It’s a really fun, supportive environment. Lots of music, dancing, lots of people.

As far as athlete/non-athletes, it really varies. Some athletes really are super bonded with their teams and will spend a ton of time with their teammates. You will still meet/see them in classes of course. Plus, when athletes are in their off-season, it is easier to meet/hang out with them. Then there are athletes who really mix with everyone…there are 2 girls on the track team who are the nicest people ever and have extended their roots beyond just their team!

I see from another thread that you are also looking at Williams. I was decided between there and Midd, so I’d love to talk further if you want!!