Social Life at Muhlenberg College?


I am applying RD to Muhlenberg for class of 2023!! I am an OOS student, and I have some questions about social life at Muhlenberg since I would not be coming home often if I get accepted and decide to attend. I would really appreciate anyone able to offer insight into social life at Muhlenberg!

  1. Does the college organize any student activities during the week or weekends? Is there always something to do on the weekends?
  2. Do most undergraduates dorm? Are there specific dorming requirements?
  3. What is the party scene like at Muhlenberg? Are there parties every weekend or do they come and go?

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Muhlenberg is not a commuter school. Most of the students live in the dorms and most stay on the weekends. Many of the student organizations organize activities both during the week and on the weekends. There is always something going on over the weekends. You might not like the concert or the play or the sporting event but there is always something going on. You also have the option of events occurring in Allentown. Professional hockey, baseball, concerts etc. I am sure you will find new friends who you will do a whole bunch of social activities with. If you get a chance to attend the accepted students day in the spring you will have the opportunity to meet many of the student clubs and see the whole range of activities you might be interested in joining. Best of luck to you!

I have two daughters at Muhlenberg. I can tell you what I heard about this past weekend (most likely censored in part.)
Senior DD went to a Halloween themed party that was a majority senior group on Friday night. Saturday night she and a group went off campus (by Uber) to the movies.
Freshman DD went to a musical improv show (on campus) with a group of friends. Her roommate went to a party.
Saturday night she went to Rocky Horror Picture show on campus at Midnight.

We live about an hour and a half away and they’ve been home for one weekend so far. I’ve never heard that they were bored on the weekends.

ETA: both live in on campus housing (senior has for all 4 years except when abroad.)

@WWC4me Appreciate the info. Could you elaborate more on the social scene there and where else your kids looked and why they chose to go there? My daughter got a great package but has not been to the school yet. She is looking at Health Sciences and also is looking hard at Furman and Elon. Went to the admitted students day at Furman and to be honest it was absolutely beautiful but very strict on the social scene and a bit boring. Dont want my daughter going to an all out party school by no means but can appreciate a work hard play hard balance too.

What do you mean by Furman being strict on the social scene? We were just there and I asked about that. They have Greenville nearby and lots of fun social events on campus. If cost is no issue, Furman is a great choice for pre-med unless she was accepted into early assurance medical school admit program at Muhlenberg. We are looking at all three schools as well for pre-med. Congrats on your daughter’s acceptances!

@OFF2COLLEGE2 Both my DDs have a very close core group of friends that they seem to hang out with. Then there are other groups that spike off of that. I know there are plenty of partiers but neither of mine seems to partake often. My senior is over 21yo so their group with go to a tavern that’s close to campus. Both girls are pretty busy. The freshman is in a couple of shows this spring so, besides school work and work-study, she also has frequent rehearsals and so social activities with her casts. The senior is a dual major so her senior seminars take up a lot of work time.