Social life at Rose

DD is deciding between (mainly) Rose and WashU. She did Operation Catapult at Rose and loved it there.

My wife’s biggest concern (and partially DD) is the social aspect. Is 2,000 undergrads “enough”? While my daughter is definitely geeky, my wife is concerned that she’ll get bored after a couple of months, with everyone in their rooms playing video games…

What is the social life like? Are people so busy working, that doing homework together is their social life? If they do have free time, do many kids spend their down time playing video games? The male/female ratio is so extreme, it’s probably very difficult to have a traditional social scene… Not that DD wants to go to keggers or anything like that…

My son is currently attending Rose. I would say that a fair amount of his social time is spent doing group homework or playing video games. But he also says that there are plenty of guys on his floor who just want to get drunk every weekend. There are plenty of intramurals and other activities if your daughter is looking for something to do. If she liked Catapult (which my son also loved), then I think she’ll enjoy Rose.

I’m considering attend Rose. Actually I love Rose very badly. According to my knowledge, there are many group projects in Rose. Students will get to know each other by doing projects together. And there is definitely sorority and fraternity in Rose. :slight_smile:

I have one question for @thshadow . What do you think of when you compare CS in Rose and WashU? I heard universities that base on research will give more chances for students to get cutting edge knowledge. Will that be a disadvantage to me, compare to students that go to research universities when I attend Rose?

If you’re specifically asking about grad programs and WashU, I don’t think they’re particularly well known for their CS department. Yes, USWNR ranks them highly, but I think the Shanghai ranking is actually more scientific / logical, and there they’re not listed:

Undergraduate programs are much harder to figure out, and I’m personally trying to understand WashU vs Rose vs RPI. So far, my impression of WashU’s undergrad CS isn’t that great (from what I’ve learned, and from sitting in on 3 classes). You can see my CS-based thread here:

For my daughter, I think Rose is probably the best learning environment. But I’m trying to make sure that she’ll have a good time socially as well…

Actually, If you want to see how is the school life in Rose, you can check this video(is a archived live FAQs session from like 10 days ago) :

The part that describe social life start at 19:05.
I am just checking the video to see if I miss something important info from Rose.
Hope I can help you.

@thshadow - My DD graduated from Rose last year. She is fairly introverted but not into gaming, and she loved Rose. She did the summer physics program and started Freshman year with a tight group of about 10 friends (maybe 6 guys/4 girls). Some were gamers (mainly the guys), but the group also went out to eat, saw movies, went to Indy, played laser tag, bowled, held Friendsgivings, planned barbecues and breakfasts, apple-picked, baked cookies, did a ropes course, took weekend road trips to Cincinnati, Chicago, etc (homes of various friends), did spring breaks in FL, SC and TN, and, yes, just hung out and watched TV and did homework together. Most of the group also had one or more activities like ROTC, orchestra, choir, sorority/frat, intramurals,… Rose is small, and so is Terre Haute, but there was plenty enough that my DD never seemed bored or lonely. If your DD likes the learning environment and feels she won’t mind the lack of a big city, I suspect she can find things to do that she likes. Hope this helps!