Social Life at Skidmore

Hello! I am a senior in highschool and highly considering Skidmore. I visited over the summer and loved the campus and the town, but no one was there so I obviously couldn’t get a good feel for what the student life is like. I have heard that the school is very divided between athletes and artsy people. I am athletic and will hopefully be playing soccer at Skidmore, but also open to being friends and hanging out with anyone. Is the divide really prominent at Skidmore? Is the school more artsy than athletic?

Obviously, the school is pretty small (I am more interested in small schools however so I am happy with that) so I am not expecting great school spirit. But does Skidmore have any school spirit? Do the artsy people at the school not really care for showing support for their school?

I absolutely love Saratoga Springs but also love the idea of on campus parties. What is the party scene like? Is it more common to go the bars downtown or to go party on campus? How many people usually party? I am always down to party so I’m hoping that Skidmore students like to as well.

I read about issues with the uneven male to female ratio. Is it actually that noticeable and an annoying issue? I am a girl so I would be of the majority. If what I read online is true, then it makes me kind of worried about the dating and hookup scene because there are so many more girls than guys. I’m just worried that there won’t be many guys to choose from.

Please let me know your thoughts and experiences about Skidmore as soon as you can!! I have to make my decision soon so I would love to learn more about the social scene.