Social life at UC?


I have applied EA to Ursinus College for the class of 2023! I find so many mixed things about UC online in regards to social life, so I just want to ask my questions here for anyone who can offer some insight.

  1. Does the college host student life events?
  2. Do most kids dorm at UC? Is there a dorming requirement?
  3. What is the party scene like at UC? Is it easy to find a party every weekend, or do they come and go?

Thank you so much!

The college does host lots of events. Trips to the mall, pancakes at midnight, theatre, guest speakers etc.

You must live in the dorms unless you are a commuter.

There is one dorm that is known as the party dorm but other places have them as well. There are also some Main Street houses that are “no party” houses for students who prefer that.