social life at UNC

<p>honest opinions. how many nights a week is it possible to go out and still maintain a good GPA, how wild do parties get, etc. do some people like to party, or is it more like "hey lets party in the library!" thanks</p>

<p>There are 15,000 undergrads. You can do anything you want, and find people to do it with you. Whether or not that will effect your GPA is really a you thing.</p>


<p>at UNC its a work hard play hard kinda thing. It's not uncommon for someone to choose to study all weekend, and its also not uncommon for someone else to be partying all weekend. It depends on your classes (when your exams are) and where you put your priorities. I do like that if I say I am planning to do homework on a Thursday or Saturday night, I don't get looked at like I am a complete nerd who never has any fun. People understand. I usually do spend a lot of time studying, but my course load is pretty tough. However, it doesn't mean I don't go out with friends. I do plenty of that as well. It's all about time managment, and chosing friends who are cool with you doing what you need to do to enjoy and be successful at UNC. </p>

<p>If you want to make friends when you get there, I absolutely suggest attending the Week of Welcome events. You will hopefully be able to meet people with similar interests etc. But Week of Welcome is the BEST thing ever!</p>

<p>Chapel Hill students have a reputation for working hard yet also making time to go out with friends. As others have said, though, there are so many students that you will be able to find someone who is interested in doing what you are -- be it partying or studying -- any night of the week.</p>