Social Life/Fraternities and Sororities

<p>Penn is often called the "social ivy". Is this true? Are frats really popular? Also is it possible to be in a frat and have a sick gpa aka like 3.7 or 3.8? Is weed popular on campus?</p>

<p>Penn has a great social life. While it probably cannot compete with big state schools in college towns, we do have a big city and a vibrant campus life. I can't really compare it to many other colleges though because I only go to Penn. It is very possible to be in a frat and have a 3.7+ GPA. It depends what classes you take and how you manage your time. You could have 0 activities besides classes and fail or you could be incredibly active and have a 4.0. It depends on who you are and how hard you work. Weed is popular enough on campus that if you smoke you can get your fix but I would say the majority of students here do not smoke. Most may have tried, but at least in my experiences the majority do not smoke regularly.</p>

<p>Penn is very social, at least if that's the scene you choose get involved with (I'm sure there are people who never leave their rooms, but it's easy to forget that they exist). There's a solid social scene Wednesday-Friday, and Tuesday at one bar. Frats are very popular. If you want the normal college social life experience, I would recommend joining one. It's not like at schools where you basically have to if you want to have friends, it's just helpful in widening your social circle. Frat + great GPA is definitely possible, although would probably be difficult during the semester of pledging. Weed is very easy to find, but Penn is much more of alcohol (/coke/prescription drug) school. Most people would do it occasionally if it's around but not really search it out.</p>

<p>Just because of a few people in a limited number of frats and sororities do coke, I would not call Penn "much more of a coke school."</p>

<p>"If you want the normal college social life experience, I would recommend joining one."</p>

<p>Wow I'm glad to know that those who aren't in frats have abnormal social lives.</p>

<p>I'm not in a frat and I can proudly say that my college experience has been great so far. I'm also didn't realize that Penn students were more into coke and prescription drugs than weed. I know lots of people who smoke, some who do coke, but not too many who do prescription drugs. Maybe I'm just not in the right circles.</p>

<p>Poor word normal I meant stereotypical, like the movies, whatever. Obviously you do not have to be in a frat to be "normal", and there are plenty of weirdos in frats.</p>

<p>I would just like to point out that if Penn isn't a coke school, I don't know what school is... maybe Colombia University? (GET IT?)</p>

<p>worst joke i have ever heard</p>

<p>Seriously though I can't imagine another school that does more designer drugs than the Ivies.</p>

<p>Well maybe something in south florida.</p>

<p>uh, drexel is much bigger on coke than penn. that's where penn gets its coke. that's just one example. there are much worse schools than the ivies for that sort of thing.</p>