Social life in HS

<p>Am I the only person that was never in a "clique" or group of people in high school? I had friends, but they were all from different "cliques" and I felt like I missed out on a lot by not being in a group of friends. :(</p>

<p>There's a term for people like you--floaters.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, I'm clique-y.</p>

<p>I'm more of a clique hopper, I guess. I have friends in different groups, but I don't look weird when I join in the conversation.</p>

<p>I'm a floater, clique-hopper.. whatever. I guess I just like variety with everything, including people.</p>

<p>High school is not going to be the best time of your life. I hope not at least. Don't regret it-- just make it a goal to make a few (or a lot or whatever) close friends.</p>

<p>Same with me...With high school, you just gotta deal.</p>

<p>I have the same "problem" as you do, but I don't think it's bad. See, my best friends, with whom I have the most fun outside of school, are on a team in school with me. But when we pass each other in the halls in school, we sometimes don't even acknowledge each other, maybe just nod or meet eyes...but outside of school, on trips, or in practice sessions, we're all over each other like one big happy family! Strange, but we're friends who never would have met otherwise outside of the's a stoner who's older than the rest of us, one's in the wannabe-gangster clique and never acknowledges his being on the team (when he's around his wigga friends), one's a jock, etc etc. So I think it's actually an asset to have friends from different cliques...don't limit yourself, and certainly open it up to other people too! Don't think too much of "high school groups." In college it's so much better. I mean, will you expect to keep in touch with an entire group or just a few select (close) people from different groups?</p>

<p>clique? i'm proud to not be part of one. cause then you only get to hang around with the same people everyday!</p>

<p>you all just create cliques in your mind. losers. (i don't mean to be mean.. but.. eh)</p>

<p>No, cliques exist, but usually only in the minds of both the creators and the victims (assuming a degrading one). Otherwise, one can safely establish a social life outside of the quasi-groups without encountering cliques.</p>

<p>The whole concept of a clique is really stupid in my opinion. If you have friends, and more so, if you enjoy being around them and have fun when your with them, then why do you feel like your missing out? </p>

<p>I usually always hang out with the same friends, because I know I'm guaranteed to have fun and laugh. Have I missed out because I choose to only hang out with them? No way.</p>

<p>My school is full of cliques. It is very self divided- generally on nationality and income level and intelligence level.</p>

<p>Screw cliques. High School is hard enough as it is competing with kids that get perfect 2300s everyday. Just get some kids who are real. When I say real, I mean kids that speak whatever is on their mind at any moment! ITS GREAT! You guys should try it.</p>

<p>I used to really really really want to be in a certain clique, but I think sophomore year I realized that that's not the way to be happy becuase it's a constant input of effort on my part, and I don't get very much back. Now I just made 3-4 really really close friends who I can do anything with, and I actually think our friendships will last. Not that it's wrong to be acquaintances withe veryone else...</p>

<p>I don't think my group is really a clique. Like, I have two friends that I tell everything to and hang out the most with, but we also have friends that aren't in our group. Yet, we have no problem with other people joining us for things...and then we have a group of guys we normally hang out with and they hang out with eachother.</p>

<p>My school (well, mainly my grade, other grades aren't quite like this) isn't very cliquey. Everyone has their closer friends, but can get along with pretty much anyone. Excluding a few people who are on the "weird" side. So if you shower, don't stalk people, and are willing to get along with everyone, you belong everywhere. I'm happy with my grade's social set-up.</p>

<p>My grade/class has about 600 kids. Getting along with everyone is not a possibility.</p>

<p>our senior class isnt clique-ish</p>

<p>but the rest of the school is ridiculously clique driven.</p>


There's always a 'healthy' relationship between extremely smart nerdy guys and extremely goodlooking soccer guys, and same with girls. This doenst apply to extremely cocky guys and extremely unhygenic guys.
EDIT: (in my school)</p>

<p>my school is too small to really have cliques. there are 50 students in my grade, and we're divided into two groups: the people who party, and the people who don't. i belong to the latter, not because i'm opposed to partying, but because the people who do are generally lame. the weird people who don't shower have their own little faction in the second group. i really do think it's a shame that it's so segregated, but that's life. we're almost out of here anyway.</p>

<p>My school does have cliques, but you don't really notice it that much until the lunch room. But at parties, if you're cool, or semi-cool, no matter what clique you are in, you party together, generally. But outside of the lunchroom, and sometimes class, almost anybody (who are in the same classes) hangs out together. Except for when you're going out to dinner with your friends, those are definitally only going to be people from your clique. But there are many different deviations from it, that there really comes a point where cliques are useless. That's just my two cents.</p>