Social life in ucla apartments.

<p>So I requested to live in the doorm rooms but for some reason I was accepted to Margan apartments :( does this mean that my social life is over? Or is this a blessing in disguise. I got a one person studio which sounds nice but how am I suppose to meet people? It seems like at apartments their ain't much going on :(</p>

<p>Are margan apartments close To the gym? Parties? Any info would be very helpful. Thanks</p>

<p>They are right next to the Faculty Apartments..ouch</p>

<p>Damn it :( this day just keeps getting better haha</p>

<p>Take a look around on google maps.
That's the address. It looks like they're close enough to Weyburn and to the campus. Plus a gas station, In-N-Out, and a market are all really close by, so that's nice.

<p>Thanks farmlove I'll take a look at it.</p>

<p>Anyone know anything else about Margan apartments? Or some link or discussion about this apartment</p>

<p>@ahurt86 basically i m in the same situation like you, i apply for double triple dorm ( i didnt even click apartment/studio in my housing preference).. however, they give me a double studio at Gallery tower... i think i m going to look for apartment at craglist instead.</p>

<p>Bulenight: good luck. I'm thinking bout doing the same. I just want to know a bit more info about those apartments but I can't find any reviews on them.</p>

<p>yea... i called the housing department, they told me the off-campus housing doesnt even have dinning hall.... that suks... we need to cook, and we definitely need our car. In other word, we need to purchase the parking permit which cause another extra 800 dollars. However, i can give u some suggestion.. DO THE CAR if you really really want a dorm, because the housing officer told me ppl who get offer into apartment housing have a higher chance to rearrange their offer, but i still feel sort of risk of doing its your choice ahurt86..</p>

<p>It's not really "necessary" to have a car, I mean 25-30 minute walk to class/grocery stores isn't really that bad compared to the money you save. Plus some of the roads in the residential areas are ridiculously narrow.</p>

<p>Any body want to switch me saxon suite for aprtment or PLAZA ??</p>

<p>Mickey how much u paying for the Saxon suite? Let me get some info n I'll let u know</p>

<p>Ohhh bump bump</p>