social life options?

<p>What are the social life options at Iowa? What are the most popular activities? Are there any campus wide events unique to Iowa?</p>

<p>Drinking from what I understand. I've been accepted, and will be heading up there in about two weeks, so I'll give you an idea based on what I see.</p>

<p>I don't know much about UIowa, but I have heard that the bars should I say....more open as to who can procure stuff. (example, table with 1 guy over 21 and underage kids and the guy gets 3 pitchers of beer and a bunch of empty glasses). I don't drink not have I ever "partied" in Iowa City or Coralville but I have heard that alcohol is not hard to come by there from multiple students. I think it was also ranked as one of the top "alcohol" schools (some beer or party category) on princeton review. Just a tidbit of info, I'm sure there is more to the social life there. I never applied but you can't go to HS out here without hearing about UIowa (and ISU for that matter). They both have strengths, but this isn't an academic thread lol.</p>

<p>I have attended UI as a grad student (ok -- a few years ago) and also lived in IC -- what do you like to do? There are numerous opportunities on campus. There are concerts, plays, lectures, movies, arts festivals, numerous campus groups, volunteer opportunities, intamural sports, clubs. If you have specific interests, I'll be happy to try to provide more info.</p>

<p>if i am used to large cities, say the only two i have lived in, los angeles and dallas, could i get used to living in what seems to me the middle of nowhere. I would be a transfer student from a california cc and since i have a 3.4 i believe i am garunteed admissions into the biz school. I am just afraid of the isolated location</p>

<p>southpasdena -- it's all relative but Iowa City is not isolated in an absolute sense. There many things to do -- a great performing arts center and many activities and sports. If you get antsy, Chicago is just over 3 hours away, the Twin Cities and St. Louis are only 5 hours away. You can get a "hit" of city life pretty easily -- you can even to Chicago as a day trip if desired. And, unlike CA (I have been to LA several times), you get places very fast! Traffic is a dream in Iowa City.</p>