social life

<p>umm so ya idk if anyone has already made a thread about this, but w/ hows the social life? i heard the students there are pretty nerdy and its not much fun there? idk i'm just wondering cuz i don't think i'll have the opportunity 2 visit since the confirmation deadline is may if anyone knows pls let me kno..gracias..</p>

<p>a quote from a case frosh</p>

<p>"I would definetely not deny that if you're looking for a party scene similar to that of a state college then you shouldn't come here. If, on the other hand, you have a slight nerd bent and don't assume fun and alcohol always need to be synonymous then I'd say you're fine. [...] I'd also like to note that despite the reputation of there not being enough people on campus and "there's nothing to do," I really have never felt like I haven't had enough people to socialize with and the like. College is also what you make of it, the fun things to do don't come to your dorm room all the time, and in my experience a lot of people who complain about lack of activities are those who don't go around trying to find them."</p>

<p>I think that pretty much sums it up</p>

<p>where else did you get in?</p>

<p>EuiHyunLee's explaination of it seemed to be what I experienced when I went to an overnight. They certainly do have parties and things like that :).</p>

<p>Case= the most awkward collection of people ever
-----their party scene is there, but has an underlying pathetic-ness to it--------case kids when it comes to this (partying/frating) try WAY TO HARD----</p>

<p>oh by the way, i overnighted and hated it (case liberal arts weekend- all the other prospectives there with me were really weird too- one kid ran away from his host like a lunatic and ended up on the streets of cleveland---it really was quite a strange incident..........</p>

<p>hahaha, i'm happy so say that my Case experience day thing or whatever was really good. The group i was with in that mock SAGES session we had was really cool, but definitely interested in their studies. I think there are going to be the lunatic kids at every school, just maybe more noticeable at a smaller school like Case.</p>

<p>um..i also got into northwestern, wash u, and the university of minnesota which my parents are trying really hard to make go i'm tryin to decide b/w case and the u of m bcuz the others are just way 2 expensive</p>

<p>thanx for replying..but if u kno more let me kno...</p>

<p>armcp lol I was there the weekend before you for the Provost Special Scholars weekend :P. The people with me weren't really wierd (atleast the ones I hung out with) maybe theliberal arts kids are wierd :P?</p>

<p>Hey you</p>

<p>Don't worry, I've been asking this question crazily. From what I've heard, Case is not a nerd school but its not a party school either. It's a good compromise.</p>

<p>I was at a Cleveland Garba the weekend I stayed at Case and believe me the crazy Indian networking is... crazy. "Kinnell Beta! Thees es Samir! Case! He vint to Case too, you know? Come talk to heem so eey can get mango lassi!" Pretty much, everyone I talked to who alumni-ed at Case said that the social life is what you make of it and that you'll find your clique and all.</p>

<p>Apparently they had a Michael Jackson party at Case a few weeks ago. The guys came dressed up as Michael Jackson. The girls came as... little boys..... O_o... hahaha That's pretty cool.</p>

<p>I'm still fretting that I might not find enough Indians who like to partay it up as much as I do. (I grew up pretty spoiled. Atleast 2 Indian parties every week)</p>

<p>I'm on the verge of a gf, so I might not worry TOO much about the Indian girls at Case. But you should definitely go to Case. Simply because I am. =D</p>

<p>kinnell- haha that made me laugh...hey if i go to case u got me..i like to partay it speakin of indians..are there a lot there?? meaning hot indian chokras? haha</p>

<p>anyways to u got me scared lol</p>

<p>anyways thanx guys...still don't know what i'm gonna do tho..ha</p>

<p>word to big bird</p>

<p>My son is home for fall break. As a freshman he has had an amazing time socially. He was going to pledge a fraternity but decided against it as he didn't want to limit his time or have too structured a social life. So he has definitely found fun elsewhere. </p>

<p>For example the great Pumpkin Drop that occurs every fall. Like an egg drop, only with small pumpkins. Teams are given supplies to invent systems to protect it, and they have to drop it from increasing heights and see how successful they are. </p>

<p>Not all of the fun is geeky. Frisbee, flag football, marathon games of Diplomacy & Scrabble, a Halloween showing of Rocky Horror, etc. If you are into music there are lots of opportunities to be in ensembles or singing groups or shows (even as an engineering major.) </p>

<p>Some kids rearranged their room and made a hammock of rope. I understand with a sleeping bag it's quite comfortable for guests!</p>

<p>So yes, they work hard but they know how to have fun.</p>