Social Life

<p>How is SC's social life? I went to the UW football game and afterwards, around 8-9pm ish, I went to the row and it was completely dead. Is that the norm?</p>

<p>the orw doesnt start popping until 11 or 12. 8-9 is wayyyy too early.</p>

<p>8-9 is definitely too early. The game didn't end until around 7, anyways, so no one would be ready by then. There's usually some people getting there after 10, and then it doesn't get busy until 11- 12. </p>

<p>The social life is really diverse. The Row is amazing, but for people who don't like that, there are always house parties, clubs, or anything else, because, well, it's LA. :) You can ALWAYS find something around. </p>

<p>I hope you enjoyed the game! It was kind of tame after the past two weekends of hyped sell-out crowds- the Cal game was intense!, but I hope you enjoyed it anyways.</p>

<p>hey, bud, the row is a college phenomenon. usc is one of the more social univeristies you can attend. my girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend goes to BU and he is originally from PA. and he's hardcore eastcoast. we were talkin and he was like what school do you go to. and i was like i go to USC. this fool was like whoa the row man, hows the row man? how are the football games man? how are the girls man? how are the parties man? now i transferred from uci, and uci is in one of the more social and nicer areas compared to most california colleges. its 2 min.s away form Newport/the OC. and i have never got a reaction like that when i told people i was going to uci.</p>

<p>if you are part of the greek system it's very social, if not, it's above average but nothing exceptional. if you have a car that changes everything since you have LA as your backyard and OC as your neighbor.</p>