Social question for transfer students.

<p>I'm currently attending Northeastern, and Im very unhappy. The people are nice, and Im joining clubs and doing well in classes, but for what ever reason I hate being here, and Im constantly unhappy even when Im with friends. So I'm highly considering applying to transfer to a few schools I think might be better. So with that said, Im just curious how much your social life takes a hit coming into a new school sophomore year?</p>

<p>Im not the most outgoing person so I'm worried I might have a hard time making friends at a school where students in my grade have already made lots of friends. So Im just looking to hear some accounts from transfer students on this topic.</p>


<p>I think you should elaborate more on why you're unhappy. You're joining clubs; you have friends; you're doing well in classes - so what's the problem? Are you homesick? It takes quite a while to adjust to college life, and it's a bit early to think about transferring. If you transfer and have to make friends on your own (if you don't already know anyone), it will be more difficult because people will have made groups of friends from either high-school or freshman year. It's certainly still possible though.</p>

<p>To be honest, I wish I had better grasp on it myself. I really don't think its being homesick, Ive spent plenty of time away from my family before and have done a lot of long term traveling on my own. I really think it's the city and the size of the school. Ive always gone to small schools where I know all of the grade fairly well, now I know this is hard to replicate in college, but I feel like a smaller liberal arts school would suit me more and be a much more personal experience academically.</p>

<p>I can understand that. I go to a large state university, and when walking through campus I hardly see anyone I know. However, I like this, as I'm not always in the mood to chat with everyone I run into. </p>

<p>It sounds then like you're not a fan of the type of school you're at, which IS a reason to transfer AFTER spending a semester or two there. I would also discuss this with your family and friends quite a bit. Try to have a positive outlook in the coming months, as things can do downhill quickly if you're too pessimistic.</p>

<p>well SWP, I know completely how you feel because I'm a junior that just transferred to Northeastern. I went to a school in Boston before, am joining clubs meeting people and the like, but am just really not happy. For me it could be that I took a year off to go to community college, but I don't know. Right now the only thing keeping me here is that I have a really good internship lined up with a big political campaign. I'm giving it a bit of time but not too much... Everyone always says to stick it out for the semester, but if you really feel like it's not the right fit, then maybe it isn't. Have a talk with your parents and really think hard about it. Make a list of pros/cons of staying at NU and weight your options. For me the pros/cons of leaving and staying are about equal so I'm at an impasse. I really hope you feel better about being here because I know exactly how you feel. My reasons are different than yours but hopefully we can both come to a solid resolution.</p>

<p>If you do transfer, I would suggest living on campus at first, unless you already happen to know a person or two at the school.</p>

<p>Do your research. Talk to students from your prospective choices. It's something I had wished I had done in hindsight, haha.</p>