Social scene at Duquesne

My son was just accepted and he is wondering about the social scene (pre-pandemic.) Are there parties on campus? Are sporting events highly attended? He’s also applying to large universities with a fun social scene, but knows a smaller school might be a better fit academically. More information on the social scene would be helpful.

I am also interested in knowing more about the Duquesne social scene, pre-pandemic. I’ve heard mixed things… some have said there is very little to do at Duquesne, but lots of at Pitt (parties). Others have said Duquesne has a lively party scene, specifically with fraternities.

My son is a Freshman there so no “real” experience prepandemic of the social scene. BUT, if one can go by look-arounds for the times that I’ve visited DURING the pandemic, they probably have a pretty robust social scene… not necessarily party scene. During the pandemic, when it was nice out, they had tents all around campus and there was always something going on in a tent, or students playing games and such. I was just there last week and while things are different because it’s COLD and the tents are gone, I still saw pods of students around the student union and there’s always something going on on the activities list sent out weekly. My son is not the “party type” so he’s not missing anything and is just happy as pigs in kaka to hang out with his dorm pod or whatever. He actually ventured out off campus with his friends for the first time tonight to get something to eat. So I guess things are picking up ? Anyhoo, it’s a WONDERFUL school with great professors, staff and students… not to big… not too small.

And to hear the folks on the parents page tell it (you should join that page, by the way), their upper classmen students loved the social scene pre-pandemic.

CONGRATS to your son and as we say on the parents page, at least, welcome to the family !!